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[Beyond PlayStation] Shape of the World Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Shape of the World Review
  • On November 27, 2018

Review Overview

Relaxing and charming experience


Shape of the World is a relaxing first-person adventure on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Shape of the World review!


Shape of the World had a Kickstarter campaign from Hollow Tree Games back in 2015. The campaign managed to reach its main goal, and it was later picked up by Plug In Digital who, along with the planned PlayStation 4 release, also ended up bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch. Once you boot up Shape of the World you will be greeted by a very gray screen with the game’s logo and the option to start a new game, continue your adventure, go into settings to select the balance for the music and sound effects or check the game’s credits. Starting your adventure will throw you right into the same scene in a 3D plane with nothing around you… except for the game’s logo way in the back. What exactly does the logo stand for? What are you supposed to do in this very drab world?

Shape of the World Review - 1

As you start walking towards the logo with the left analog stick, some rock formations and vegetation will start to pop up, and you’ll eventually be prompted to use the ZR button to interact with a pair of small rectangular rocks in a vertical formation. Doing so will make a red path show up, so you’ll start to go up this path, still trying to reach the logo in the distance. As you slowly but surely make your way through the starting area, more colors will start to pop into action, bringing this strange and surreal world to life.

Shape of the World Review - 2

There are basically two ways to experience Shape of the World. You can go through each area, interacting with the distinctive shapes that will open up the path to the next area, and you’ll be done in a couple of hours and change. But you can also take your time to explore each new location, taking in the gorgeous sights as you try and find all 28 seeds that are scattered through the game. Once you exit the starting area and start to explore each of the game’s locations, you’ll be able to pause the game to see how many seeds you’ve found and how many you still need to secure in your current location. This will end up increasing your total playing time by an extra hour or so, but even if it’s a short one, the game is certainly worth the experience.

Shape of the World Review - 3

You will get to visit colorful forests, charming caves and open plains where the flora and fauna around you will pop up and come to life with every step you take. Since there is no timer or anything like it to keep you constantly on the move to “reach the end,” you should certainly take your time to soak in all of the things that each location you visit has to offer. The audio in Shape of the World is also of the dynamic variety, and this means that as you take action and explore each area, the music will change here and there to match what is going on in the world that now surrounds you.

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Shape of the World is an interesting release that is almost more of an experience and not what you’d expect or are used to playing when you hear the word video game. Some of you might call this a walking simulator, which is not that far off, but the way the game is presented and how the music complements the experience, shifting as new shapes and colors come into play, makes this one a game you have to try.

Shape of the World Review - 5

This Shape of the World review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Plug In Digital.