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[PS4] Timber Tennnis: Versus Review

[PS4] Timber Tennnis: Versus Review
  • On November 28, 2018

Timber Tennnis: Versus from Crunching Koalas is a pixeltastic indie sports game. Learn more about it in our Timber Tennnis: Versus review!


The game offers a Career mode, a Vs. Mode for some local multiplayer, as well as an Online Play mode so that you can take on players from around the world. Career mode is also split into Skirmish where you take on 1 vs. 1 matches against the CPU, as well as a tournament setup in which you’ll need to climb through the ranks. You move left and right on the court one “lane” at a time, and must hit the ball back by reaching the lane where it will land, in order to keep the rally going. At the start you or your opponent will select where to hit the ball thanks to a dotted line that moves left and right. Depending on how fast you move to a lane and what direction you’re moving from, your shot will be affected, allowing you to curve your shot as needed.

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During a match you might spot some boxes that look like gifts that will pop up on your side of the court or on your opponent’s side. Grabbing one of these before it disappears will grant you a power-up to try and give you an extra advantage. You might grow in size to cover more than one lane, you might get to throw a bizarre and colorful liquid towards your opponent so that he/she can’t get to the ball, or you might get to do a very powerful and aimed shot that could be the difference between defeat and making an awesome comeback.

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You will get to visit different tennis courts all over the world, from a far-away tiny island surrounded by the ocean, to a VIP club during a rather pumped up night, to a bizarre location that looks as if a backpack threw up on the table, to a zombie infested wasteland, to an inner-city court surrounded by tall buildings where, if you’re lucky, a certain superhero with a blue suit and a red cape and what seems to look like an S might fly around. It’s a nice and colorful variety of options that will help to keep things feeling fresh.


As you play and win matches and tournaments you will be rewarded with coins, depending on the number of sets played (and won) in a skirmish match, or the difficulty level you’ve selected for playing in a tournament. For winning tournaments you will also be rewarded with extra characters and balls to use in the game. The coins you win can be used to unlock more balls and characters so that you can find the right combination for your time with the game. As expected, there are trophies tied to this.

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Timber Tennis: Versus has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy, and only fifteen trophies to complete to get it. There is a trophy for winning your first tournament, for winning five tournaments in hard mode, for winning 10 times in a row, for getting 5,000 coins, for winning an online ranked match, for winning 25 online ranked matches, for winning 50 online ranked matches, as well as for unlocking half the skins and half the balls, for unlocking all skins and all balls, for winning game with an epic comeback, and more. It’s a diverse list that will keep you playing for several hours and that should not be too hard to complete.

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Timber Tennis: Versus is a fun arcade-style take on the sport that will keep you busy for a while. The gameplay is easy to understand so anyone who gives the game a try will be able to quickly get the hang of things. The fact that this one features a single-player mode, local multiplayer as well as online multiplayer means that you can enjoy Timber Tennis: Versus on your own, with friends or with random people around the world, so you’ll always be able to enjoy a good old-fashioned minimalist tennis match.

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This Timber Tennis: Versus review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided Crunching Koalas.


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