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[Beyond PlayStation] NAIRI: Tower Of Shirin Review

[Beyond PlayStation] NAIRI: Tower Of Shirin Review

NAIRI: Tower of Shirin is a point and click adventure game/visual novel that now on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this one in our NAIRI: Tower of Shirin review!


HomeBearStudio took NAIRI: Tower of Shirin to Kickstarter in early November 2016 and was successfully funded. With the help of Hound Picked Games and Another Indie, the game has now released on Nintendo Switch and Steam worldwide. I was one of the hundreds of people who backed NAIRI: Tower of Shirin on Kickstarter and I have followed the development very closely over the last couple of years. Joshua and You at Home Bear Studio have poured their heart and soul into making NAIRI a beautiful and charming game that I’m sure you’re going to like.

NAIRI: Tower Of Shirin Review - 1

Due to the game being a point and click adventure / visual novel release, I’m going to refrain from spoiling the story too much. On that note, I must say I had a lot of fun playing the game. The art style is adorable and very charming, and the characters, especially Nairi and Rex, are super cute. There isn’t much about the game I didn’t like. There are a couple of bugs with certain puzzles, but Home Bear Studio worked on those right away, and has issued a patch that takes care of things, so you’re ready to go!

NAIRI: Tower Of Shirin Review - 2

The story follows Nairi a former gangster turned scholar Rex. Together they explore the mystery surrounding the Tower of Shirin. Nairi is a rich kid who comes from the wealthier part of the city. As the title of the game suggests, the game is set in a city called Shirin. She meets up with Rex after visiting a lowly district that is overrun with gangs. So Rex and NAIRI are indeed an odd partnership that works very well, and their chemistry on screen is electric. They are two of the best characters I’ve run into in a point and click game and have definitely become my one of my favorite video game partners.

NAIRI: Tower Of Shirin Review - Puzzle

The game has some very different puzzle-packed locations to explore, such as mysterious dungeons, sandy deserts, and even a crazy bazaar. The game is 100% pure combat free fun, which makes this one a very relaxing and fun game with clever puzzles to solve. Puzzles are not overly easy nor too taxing, making them feel just right. There are a couple of puzzles that will have you a bit stumped, as it happened to me while reviewing the game, but every puzzle has a logical solution. And if you are stuck, you can check out Rex’s journal for some visual hints which is a great option.

NAIRI: Tower Of Shirin Review - 3

A lot of the puzzles involve collecting items and combining them to create new things needed to solve a puzzle here and there, so it is absolutely important that you explore every area, and click on everything that you can click since you don’t know when an item might be useful. Everything that ends up in your inventory has a use. Talking to other characters is also important so that you can discover clues to help you progress in the game. Some dialogue will be useful, some will be funny, and some will be very emotional. The game also has some visual novel aspects with big walls of texts to read, and you’re going to love what the team has done with the game’s script.

NAIRI: Tower Of Shirin Review - 4

NAIRI: Tower of Shirin is a very fun game that I highly recommend you give a try – it’s absolutely worth it. The game has a very cute look and a charming cast that will keep you coming back for more until you make it to the end. Do let me know what you think of NAIRI: Tower of Shirin on Nintendo Switch!

NAIRI: Tower Of Shirin Review - F

This NAIRI: Tower of Shirin review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Hound Picked Games.


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Very charming and fun point and click adventure