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[PlayStation 4] Terratech Review

[PlayStation 4] Terratech Review

Minecraft meets Robotwars in this one Create custom crafted vehicles and survive what the game has in store for you. Check out our review of TerraTech!


TerraTech Launch Trailer | Steam | Xbox One | PS4

Explore, build, craft and battle across alien worlds in this physics-based construction sandbox adventure.

Design cars, tanks and planes from a huge library of blocks. Scavenge, craft and buy new parts in order to survive and become the ultimate planetary prospector.

Choose from four game modes: Campaign, Creative, Gauntlet, and Multiplayer.

Terratech isn’t a new game, It’s been on PC in beta for a few years and now finally hit a full release also hitting consoles. The game is essentially taking the Minecraft formula and having you make sweet vehicles… for COMBAT. It’s a neat formula worth exploring. Minecraft always struck me as Lego, where TerraTech reminds me of the more adult version Lego Technic.

Terratech Review - 1

As stated earlier the game is about creating vehicles. You are probably best to start in the campaign mode early on to get a feel for the game itself. You’ll spend more time here. As for the game you have crash landed on a foreign planet and need to survive. How do you do this? You create a badass vehicle out of blocks, drive it around, fight enemies, discover new building materials, complete missions for rewards, and redesign or build new and more powerful vehicles. Rinse and repeat. It’s a simple gameplay loop that a lot of survival games use, but it’s effective and addictive.

The game has a few modes that you can play it in to give you some variety in your sandbox. You have your simple campaign mode as discussed earlier. You complete missions for different factions on the planet, allowing you access to different pieces for your “Tech.” It adds a bit of variety to the game as each faction will have it’s own specialty one geared towards combat, while another is more construction orientated, allowing you to create cool “Tech’s” that fill certain needs during missions.

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Gauntlet mode puts you in competition against other players in leaderboards. It’s more of a race than combat necessarily, as you compete in the leaderboards for the best time in navigating the tracks. It’s a neat mode, and I like the focus on racing making it feel different than the core game. Creative mode has no limitations. Create whatever your mind will come up and test it out. I loved this mode especially after playing the standard campaign mode for a bit, as it was a sweet palette cleanser and gave me some ideas that I would try to implement into the campaign now that I had a chance to experiment with them.

The other major mode is the multiplayer mode, putting you in 15 min matches against other players as you compete for more kills than the other players. This mode is the simplest and one of the most fun as you compete against other players for the win.

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The game has a simple look to it, but that works in a completely charming way. I compared the game to Lego earlier, part of that is from a design perspective of the game itself. It creates a cool world that both adults and kids would want to play in, setting itself from other games in the survival genre that usually cater one way or the other.

The only major criticism that I have with the game is the controls don’t acclimate to the controller as much as I would like, especially early on in the game. As you quickly customize your rides, those things will change making more controllable rides. I think with the amount of creativity in the world, and what you can do with the game, there is a lot to like here, and it’s easy to overcome the issues.

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Final Thoughts

I had a lot of fun with TerraTech creating vehicles and putting them to work. What surprised me most though was how I was spreading my time out over all of the different game modes. Typically in games like this one, I will stick to one mode and stay with it. It speaks to the smart game design that I wanted to spend time with all of the modes and made it made me better in the game as I got those experiences. If you like Survival/Building games this one takes a unique spin and is definitely worth checking out and investing some time in.

Terratech Review - 5

This TerraTech review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Payload Studios.


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A great addition to the survival/building genre