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[Beyond PlayStation] Coloring Book Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Coloring Book Review
  • On December 18, 2018

Coloring Book from QubigGames is a free to start game with a ton of drawings that kids and adults will love to color. Learn more about it in our Coloring Book review!


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Before you get started, you should know that the game supports one or two players at once. On top of this, you should consider which is your leading hand (that is, if you’re left handed or right handed), since using the Joy-Con that matches the hand you use for your everyday activities will make it a lot easier for you to paint each of the many images available in Coloring Book.

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The game is played with a single Joy-Con without using the Joy-Con Grip. You move the brush with the left analog stick to the desired position, and then hold down either the L or R buttons to start painting. You can also press the L or R buttons to start painting and then use the gyroscope in the Joy-Con to mimic the movement of your hand when gripping a brush. After doing this, you can the Joy-Con to move the brush, as if your hand was an actual brush in real life. By pressing left or right on the left Joy-Con D-Pad, you can change between colors. If you want to change brushes, you can do this by pressing up or down on the left Joy-Con D-Pad. There are eight types of brushes, including the handy bucket that allows you to fill up an entire layer in a single click.

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Each image has different spaces that act as different layers, so if you select the special brush that only paints inside contours and, say, select the grass of an image that displays a dog out on the field, then you will only color over the whole area that has grass on it. This makes it easier for little kids and adults alike to get going as they unleash the artist inside them, since it makes it harder to make a mess because colors won’t mix between the different sections of an image – something that would not happen if you were coloring something in real life with a real brush.

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Once you’re done with an image, or even halfway through your artistic session, you can press the – or + button, depending on which Joy-Con you’re using, to exit the image and save your progress. If you later select the same image, then you can select to either carry on from where you left off or start all over from scratch. This allows you to go back and forth between the different images available in each section, and you can also showcase your finished art in your album.

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The free download for the game will include drawings under the Jungle and Space sections, and you can purchase a pack to add the Cats, Ocean, Farm, Girls Room, Construction Site and Dinosaurs sections. Each section is one page and includes six drawings. If you like what the free download has to offer, then you can purchase the extra content for $4.99, and this will add 36 extra drawings for you to complete.

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This Coloring Book review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Qubic Games.


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