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[Beyond PlayStation] Battle Princess Madelyn Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Battle Princess Madelyn Review
Dusk Fox

Battle Princess Madelyn is finally out on Nintendo Switch! Find out more about this arcade-style fun platformer in our Battle Princess Madelyn review!


There are lots of retro inspired, nostalgia inducing games out there nowadays, but very few achieve a good balance while keeping the authenticity of what they are trying to evoke. Battle Princess Madelyn, however, reaches this quota with flying colors, paying homage to many games like the Ghouls ‘n Ghosts series; it could even be considered a spiritual sequel, as the level of detail and love for the genre is clear through the game.

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When you start the game, you are greeted by a cut scene of a girl named Madelyn, who is sick at home and whose grandpa came to tell a story, and what a coincidence, the story happens to be about a girl named Madelyn too! A princess who has to become a knight in order to save her family and kingdom from an evil villain. As a child, imagining you could be the hero of a story was the biggest dream of them all, and it’s precisely this what makes this game even sweeter, as this very thought was an inspiration for the creation of the game, as the daughter of one of the co-creators told him one day that she wanted her own game, where she could be the heroine with a pink armor. Adorable, right? I think it’s such a sincere wish we all had as children we can all recall.

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Now, the game itself is a platformer with the usual stuff, you have weapons to shoot, some magical abilities here and there and a somewhat linear course to follow while defeating monsters, unlocking items, helping NPCs and receiving rewards and collecting loot. The controls resemble those of a classic arcade game, down to the physics of the environment and characters. The pixel style is gorgeous to say the least, with much attention to detail in each area and really making use of modern technology to achieve a breathtaking look without sacrificing the feeling of a true retro game. There is the choice to add scan lines and to pick between arcade chiptune or orchestral soundtrack, so that nostalgia ambiance can be set even deeper and further into the game.


There is also the choice between story and arcade mode. Story mode is a platformer with some hints of Metroidvania here and there, since the game is somewhat linear but does offer a little bit of backtracking and lots of exploring, with recurrent auto-saves and a resurrection system that is much more forgiving than those of the older classics – something that is probably in here for the benefits of a wider audience. This doesn’t make the game an easy experience, mind you. No, far from that. True, it may not be at a classic level of difficulty, but if you are not a seasoned veteran of the originals, this game offers plenty of challenges. For those who do want a challenge, fear not, the arcade mode is here for you. With hordes of enemies coming your way that require you to stay on your tip toes at all times, this provides plenty entertainment for those looking for a nostalgic experience.

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While Battle Princess Madelyn does many things right and it sticks to what a good retro successor should aim for, it might feel a little lacking on the “innovative” section, which is not a bad thing on its own – after all, many people look for games like these precisely because they want to feel “at home” as they play! But it might be a little disheartening for those looking for a fresh and brand new experience to revolutionize the genre. All considered, it’s definitely a game for those that love platformers, retro games, arcade-style releases and old-school pixeltastic games. It’s also a great story to tell your kids, since someone their age helped to make this dream come true, which definitely opens the door for some family bonding. Battle Princess Madelyn from Causal Bit Games and Hound Picked Games is quite an enjoyable game and one you should certainly check out!

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This Battle Princess Madelyn review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Hound Picked Games.


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Solid old-school 2D Metroidvania platforming goodness