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[PlayStation 4] Hellfront: Honeymoon Review

[PS4] Hellfront: Honeymoon Review

Hellfront: Honeymoon is a single-screen strategy action game on PlayStation 4 that is worth your time and money. Find out why in our Hellfront: Honeymoon review!


Hellfront: Honeymoon is a game by SkyGoblin, the same developers who created The Journey Down episodic point and click series. The game took the team several years to develop. What surprised me was the big switch by SkyGobling going from a point and click episodic series to a multiplayer-heavy twin-stick shooter with a dash of strategy – quite a leap! The team did a wonderful job in developing a fast-paced game that will keep you coming back for more as you complete each of its missions and multiplayer battles.

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As I mentioned before, this is a twin-stick shooter with some strategy that brings it closer to an RTS. The solo and local co-op Missions mode offers a somewhat linear experience in which you will take on increasingly difficult stages either on your won or with a friend. Your goal is simple: destroy all enemy barracks and turrets as well as any enemy stragglers so that you can move on to the next level. Before you can carry on to the next world, you will need to finish all stages in the starting world, which works almost as an extended tutorial so that you can learn all the basics and get some much-needed experience.

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You earn stars for each of the missions based on how quick you are at wiping out the enemy team, which means that the game offers a great incentive for the speedrun community to have a go. That isn’t all since Hellfront: Honeymoon alos offers online leaderboadrs so that you can improve your skills as you replay stages to try and find a way to cut down some valuable seconds on your overall time. There is a separate leaderboard for each level, so you have a lot of stages to competed here is a separate leaderboard for each level, so you have a lot of stages to complete as fast as possible if you want to become number one!

All levels are set in a grid of hexagons, and some of said hexagons will glow a certain color, which means you can build your barracks or turrets on them. Each barrack you build will spawn four soldiers every ten seconds for as long as the tower remains active. These soldiers are weak, but ten seconds is a decent amount of time for your barracks to produce a new set of soldiers to help your cause. There is no micromanaging and no splitting up your troops to and flank the enemy’s positions since you can only direct all units with one single command. Turrets will do their thing by automatically attacking any enemy troops foolish.

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Players get an automatic rifle for their main avatar, but the firing range is very short which means than in order to kill your enemies you practically need to be at pointblank range to deal any damage, which is why this is not the main way for you to deal damage. You can thankfully you build attack turrets as well as barracks that will spawn units you can use to do the hard work while you crank out more towers in the designated areas. The more areas you capture for your cause, the easier it will be to overwhelm you opponents.

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The game also offers a Deathmatch mode which is a two to four player local versus series of matches where winner takes all. As is the case for the single-player and two player co-op Missions, of the action takes place on a single screen, which makes each game last only a few minutes. Whoever wins three games wins the match. It all depends on your skill, so the better you are at twin-stick shooters and RTS games, the better you will do during Deathmatch sessions.

Hellfront: Honeymoon Review - 5

Hellfront: Honeymoon is a good game with a lot of content from a small indie team that has managed to give us dozens of stages for single-player and local co-op as well as several options for two to four players multiplayer versus deathmatch. The game has easy to understand gameplay mechanics and is a condensed take on both the twin-stick shooter genre and the RTS genre, giving us a game that is sure to please players of all skill levels. I got to play this one on my own as well as with my Godson, who also had a good time. He did mention that he felt that the difficulty ramped up considerably between the first and second world, but he said that he didn’t think the higher difficulty was unfair – but that it did require skilled players.

Hellfront: Honeymoon Review - 6

This Hellfront: Honeymoon review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Thunderful Games.


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Very fun twin-stick RTS mix