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[Beyond PlayStation] Quarantine Circular Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Quarantine Circular Review
Dusk Fox

Text-heavy adventure Quarantine Circular from Bithell Games is now out on Nintendo Switch. Find out more about this text-based game in our Quarantine Circular Review!


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Quarantine Circular is a story-driven, text-based game that shows us an apocalyptic future in which humanity is being taken down by a plague. The entire world is looking for a cure, and they need it fast, or the consequences may doom humanity. An unknown being has suddenly been captured by one of the teams assigned to keep the population safe, and this is what sets thing into motion for what could be humanity’s only hope.

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At first, you play as Engineer Marc Pérez who has been tasked with setting up communication with this “Non-human” by establishing a translation, with baby steps at first with the help of an AI by your side, and this opens the path for a stable communication pipeline between the crew and the creature. The opinions about this being vary between them. Is it a dangerous alien? Can we trust it? What if he is actually the cause of the plague? All these and more questions are unlocked through the inquiries between the characters and the focus points unlocked by way of conversations, that will help you find out more about the bigger picture of the situation at hand.


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While the game is completely text-based, it is very pleasant to the eye with great-looking models that help to bring the unknown alien to life – not to mention helping to convey the considerable difference between him and the humans near him. You sort of feel like you’re reading the transcription of a voice-chat room, adding voices in your head to each of the characters as you learn more about them. As you change between characters, it’s interesting to find out more about each of them, and their moral compasses, a well as what drives them in the middle of an apocalypse dealing with something humanity could not have prepared for.

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The game is short, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a solid experience. This is the second entry in a Bithell Shorts series from the developer that focuses heavily on the story of the game, and it honestly is a must-play on Nintendo Switch. There are multiple choices to make along the way and different ways for things to play out, so you can definitely give it another go by playing it differently. And once you’ve completed it once, you can give it a go with the developer’s commentary to gain some insight into the team’s process.

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This Quarantine Circular review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Bithell Games.


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Excellent text-based narrative adventure