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[Beyond PlayStation] Rain World Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Rain World Review
Dusk Fox

Adult Swim Games has brought Rain World to Nintendo Switch! Learn more about this charming yet unsettling platformer survival pixel game in our Rain World review!


You know those games that fill you with a specific feeling while you are playing, yet you can’t exactly put your finger on what it is? Those games that are objectively beautiful, and yet are surrounded by strangeness and eeriness with a dash of wondering if there even is any hope out there? Okay, keep that idea in mind, and now add a slugcat to it. Welcome to the unforgiving place that is Rain World!

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The story is simple, you are a slugcat (it is exactly what it sounds like down to how it moves) that has been separated from your family, and you have to survive for long enough to find them by exploring the inhospitable world that surrounds you. This one is a post-apocalyptic world. Very few things seem to make sense, and there’s something out there to get you at every corner. It’s a dangerous world, but you must do everything you can to

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Borrowing elements form sidescrolling platformers, survival, stealth, roguelikes and horror release, this game has enough from each to weave it all into a clever and unique experience. The visuals help to tie everything together because, as beautifully done as they are, they’ll leave you wondering “what even is that THING?” after seeing a creatures movements and actions, and this, I assure you, is very much intentional. The team has been working on this one for a while now, coming a long way from its humble Kickstarter campaign to the final release we now get to enjoy at home or on the go on the Nintendo Switch.

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This game is as harsh as the environment you are traversing. You can level up by hibernating, but even this has its toll, as there is the risk of being washed away by the toxic rain. And while leveling up can certainly help, you can also be set back down by dying. And trust me, you will die — a lot. Sure, you can try to defend yourself, but rocks, trash and the occasional pointy-stabby thing you may find around the ground can only do so much against the creatures that will hunt you down. And “do so much” isn’t really at that great against most critters!

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While this game is a port to Nintendo’s hybrid console, it has seen some major improvements to controls, balancing and even added features, such as new modes to play as and a local multiplayer option, which definitely adds to the experience of playing on the Nintendo Switch when compared to other consoles. Rain World is a challenging experience, to say the least. If you are looking for a new game to really test your skills, a game with little to hand-holding and lots of exploring or a game that has a little of all your favorite genres, you have to give this game a try. However, do keep in mind that the difficulty can be a bit stressful at times, making you leave the game to cool off for an hour or two… or maybe a few days before you’re ready to try and take another stab at it.

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This Rain World review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Adult Swim Games.


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Alluring yet unsettling platformer