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[Beyond PlayStation] Hello Neighbor Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Hello Neighbor Review
  • On January 4, 2019

Hello Neighbor from Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild Games is a different type of stealth game on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this one in our Hello Neighbor review!


Hello Neighbor is a stealth game in which you must sneak into your neighbor’s house so that you can check his basement to learn more about the secrets that he’s hiding. The neighbor’s AI will learn from your actions, so if you, for example, enter his house through a window, the next time you try and do the same thing you will be greeted with tramps that will do a number on you, and your neighbor will also be aware of the routes you’ve used before and he will be even more vigilant.

The game had a Kickstarter campaign by developer Dynamic Pixels back in 2015 with a $100,000 goal that was not reached. The team didn’t give up and carried on with the game’s development. The project was eventually picked up by tinyBuild games as its publisher, taking the game to consoles, which is why I’m now reviewing the game on Nintendo Switch. There is also a prequel called Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek which I’ll soon also take for a spin, so be sure to check back at!

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For this game, you will move with the left analog stick and can move around your view with the right analog stick – which can also be pressed down to crouch. Jump is mapped to the B button while your inventory can be accessed by using the D-Pad. The rest of your actions are ser for the L, ZL, R and ZR buttons and they are for using items, run ing, picking things up or performing an action and throwing something, respectively.

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You will get started in this first-person experience by running down the street as you kick around a ball. After catching up with it, you will start to hear screams coming from a nearby house, and it is then that you will see the neighbor closing down the door to his basement… right before he spots you. He will grab you and throw you across the street, and you will need to find a way to sneak into his house unseen so that you can find out what is going on.

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Whenever your neighbor spots you, he will end up running towards you at full speed, leaving you only a second or two to react. You will know your neighbor has seen you thanks to the “panic background music” you will hear, as well as from the sound of your accelerated heartbeat. If you have an item on you (you can carry up to four items at once), you can throw it at your neighbor to knock him down, buying you a couple of valuable extra seconds to find a way to escape before he captures you. Most of the time when he captures you he will just place you outside of his house, but sometimes you will end up in what feels like a short nightmare sequence that will serve as a nice change of pace.

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If you ever feel overwhelmed by the neighbor and how its analyzation tools allow it to learn from your actions so that he can set up traps to mess you up, then you can go into the Settings menu to activate Friendly Mode. By doing this, the neighbor will also become less aggressive, and he will also become much slower. Mind you, this doesn’t end up making the game too easy (or even regular easy) since the neighbor, while less aggressive, will still provide you with a considerable challenge.

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Hello Neighbor is an interesting release that is a bit too vague for its own good. It relies on some wonky physics for several of its puzzles, some of which are a bit “out there” about their solutions. It’s a game that you’re either going to love or hate as you try to complete its 8 to 10 hours long campaign.

This Hello Neighbor review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by tinyBuild Games.


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