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[Beyond PlayStation] Black Bird Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Black Bird Review
  • On January 10, 2019

Black Bird from OnionGame is a fun and challenging 2D shoot ‘em up you have to play on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Black Bird review!


One day a young girl suddenly dies on a street corner… and she is eventually reborn as the Black Bird, one if the great calamities on humanity. This happens because nobody gave a damn. As you complete each of the game’s stages, you will get to learn more about the young girl, giving you some small hints here and there about what is really going on.

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For this dark and gloomy shoot ‘em up you can move around the screen with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, shooting with the A or B buttons and using your bombs, which are available in limited quantities, by pressing the X button. The gameplay is very simple to understand since your goal is to destroy everything around you as you kill all humans for what they have done to you. You can break special jars to collect cursed insects which will give you an extra bomb (circular insects), extra life (worm-like insects), or extra speed (winged insects). You should also collect small, medium and large soul gems to power up the black bird.

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Every enemy you defeat will add to your combo meter, which you can check in the upper right part of the screen. You have a small window of opportunity to defeat another enemy soon after to bump your combo meter once again, so you’ll need to constantly be moving left and right as you defeat the enemies walking around each stage as well as those flying around and shooting at you. There are also stationary enemies that require several hits before they are defeated, which means you can’t focus on damaging these stationary enemies since it will mean losing your combo, so I recommend that you shoot at them a bit as you move towards them while planning which smaller enemy you’re going to destroy next so that you can keep your combo going strong.

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The game includes four stages for you to complete, which might seem like a rather short experience, but the trick is that once you defeat the final boss, you will unlock True Mode. When taking on True Mode, you will get to face against new enemies and a considerably harder difficulty that will require that you enter an almost Zen-like state of mind to be able to complete the game at all. Add the eight different endings you can get into the mix, and the fact that a very good high score is needed to getting the real ending, and you’re certainly in for a treat. Oh, and there’s also a Score Attack mode so that you can aim at trying to get a spot at the top of the leaderboards.

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Black Bird is an enjoyable 2D shoot ’em up that shines on Nintendo Switch. It has simple to understand gameplay mechanics, a great art style and a quirky operatic soundtrack sung in a weird made-up language that greatly compliments the action – especially since enemy movement is synchronized to it! The game offers more than enough content for its asking price since you’ll be revisiting it over and over again as you try to improve on your runs to grab a slot in the online leaderboards. Can you unlock all the endings?

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This Black Bird review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Onion Games.


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Great looking quirky and fun shoot 'em up