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[PlayStation 4] Tooth and Tail Review

[PlayStation 4] Tooth and Tail Review
  • On January 15, 2019

Tooth and Tail from Pocketwatch Games is single player and local and online multiplayer strategy release on PlayStation 4. Learn more about it in our Tooth and Tail review!


In Tooth and Tail, you are tasked with leading the revolution. Since the inhabitants of the Tooth and Tail universe are anthropomorphic animals, the revolution breaks out as four groups try to conquer and rule over the rest so that they can eat them and never go hungry again. It’s an onslaught, and the winner will be able to feast on the other animals as rulers supreme.

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Tooth and Tail takes the gameplay mechanics and fundamentals of the real-time strategy genre to distill it into smaller bite-sized matches that are controlled with only a few buttons. You move with the left analog stick and select structures with the right one. You can build different structures with the X button and sell with the Circle button as needed, and you can rally a group with the L2 button and rally your army with the R2 button – press it to send them forward and hold them to make them retreat. You can also press and hold the Square button to burrow back to your home base so that you can protect it. That’s all you’ll have to worry about!

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The basic gameplay cycle will require you to build farms to be able to produce food, which you can then spend to build buildings such as warrens. Warrens are crucial since they will automatically produce units for you every set amount of time, which you will then get to command into position to maximize your attack power – when a unit is automatically produced it will require food, so you can’t build too many warrens or else you won’t have enough food to keep up. Your main goal usually is to destroy the enemy gritsmills to be able to win the match, so you better get to it as fast as possible!

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The game offers a Story Mode you can enjoy on your own, as well as a Multiplayer mode that can be played both locally and online – the online matches can be either of the ranked or unranked variety. Each battle will include a general objective to complete in order to win the match, as well as a Heroic secondary objective you can aim to complete to 100% the game. These might include doing things such as building a set number of warrens in a particular stage or completing a stage with 16 farms by your side.


There are several units that you will get to command as you progress in the game, each with different stats, attacks and pros, and cons. For example, you will first command the Distillery Brothers, low-cost units with a decent defense stat but a low attack power that will act as your foot soldiers. You will also get to command the Freight Union, a mid-cost unit with a high defense stat and an average attack power that has a rather long attack range which will allow them to target units and enemy structures from a relatively safe distance. There are also Bullet Hives which, as the name suggests, will spray bullets at any enemy foolish enough to get too close for comfort.

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The game includes a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy at the end of the road. Several of the game’s trophies are tied to completing the heroic objective of every single match in the Story Mode, so if you want to shorten your overall trophy hunting time I suggest you complete heroic objectives for each stage as you take on them. The rest of the trophies are tied to ranked online matches, with one trophy, in particular, asking that you win 100 ranked matches, which will certainly take a while.

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Tooth and Tail is a fun minimalist take on the real-time-strategy genre, offering a new spin on a solid formula. Something I do have to complain about is that the in-game text is tiny. You have to sit very close to your TV screen to be able to read all the information you get as you take on each battle, which is nowadays a very common mistake for games that are out on consoles as well as on PC where players will sit very close to the screen and be able to take on all new information at a glance without having to move closer to their monitor. But other than that, this is one RTS-lite I can definitely recommend.

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This Tooth and Tail review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Pocketwatch Games.


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