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[PlayStation 4] Dog Gone Golfing Review

[PlayStation 4] Dog Gone Golfing Review
  • On January 16, 2019

Dog Gone Golfing, as the name suggests, is a game in which you control a dog that golfs. Intrigued? Learn more about it in our Dog Gone Golfing review!


The gameplay in this 2D golfing game is very simple. You can set your shot’s power either by pressing up or down to increase or decrease it by 1, or you can press left and right to quickly move up and down the shot power bar. You can use a wrist shot with the X button, which will send the puck flying in more of a straight path, or you can press the Triangle button to use a slap shot which sends the puck off in more of an arc. The goal is to complete each hole by delivering the puck to the inverted hydrant looking hole with the flag in as few shots as possible. Oh, and as you play, you will also be rewarded with coins.

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After every shot you take, you will get to see a dotted line that will show you which shot type you used and how much power you applied to said shot. This is very useful since it will allow you to make adjustments as needed by taking into consideration the wind velocity and the angle at which the puck was sent flying and if it hit any surfaces along the way that changed its final trajectory. Any puck that is sent out of the screen will be a lost shot, and you will need to once again take your initial shot from the starting position, so be careful!

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You can select from the different available dogs, each with its own stats in Power, Spin, Bark and Luck, from one to five. You can also puck the look of the puck once you spend the coins you collect to unlock the extra pucks. You have the default black puck, as well as one that looks like a bone, one that looks like a dollar bill, one that looks like a very particular bullet, one that resembles a bus, another that looks like a gold coin that will remind you of a very famous 2D platforming franchise (hint: it’s Super Mario Bros.), one with the Canadian flag, one that looks like a can, one with the U.S. flag, one with the Mexican flag, one with the Japan flag, and many more options.

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The game includes a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy, which is certainly great for a budget $4.99 release. The first trophy you’ll probably get is for trying out Practice mode, followed by each of the trophies for completing each of the 20 worlds in the game. Something else you might get as you play is the trophy for getting your first Howl In One (Hole In One… get it?). There is also a trophy for getting 50 Howl In One, one for scoring under 40 on any course, and one for completing career mode.

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Dog Gone Golfing is a fun 2D golfing release with simple gameplay mechanics that will keep you busy for a while if you want to get its Platinum trophy. It might feel a bit tedious and monotonous to some of you, so if the trailer didn’t grab your attention, then playing it is not going to change that.

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This Dog Gone Golfing review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Vagabond Dog.


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Fun and easy to understand 2D dog golfing game