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[Beyond PlayStation] Zotrix: Solar Division Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Zotrix: Solar Division Review
  • On January 23, 2019

Zotrix: Solar Division from Zerobit Games and Ocean Media is a tower defense game on Nintendo Switch. Come check out our Zotrix: Solar Division review!


Zotrix: Solar Division on Nintendo Switch is a tower defense game in which you, as a commander in the Solar Division, are tasked with protecting the space stations that are under attack. You have received a distress call, so you hurry up to try and set up the defenses needed to establish a proper defense strategy against enemy units. The game mixes some real-time strategy (RTS) elements to keep the experience feeling fresh.

The game will get you started with a tutorial where you will get to learn the basics. The first step will be to select a space station so that you can take on the missions it has to offer. You will get some information on the station you’ve selected, for things such as its name, the commander in charge, the station type, its crew, the weapons it has, comms, and power. Each station will have three missions to offer to you. The first two missions are mandatory and must be completed if you want to unlock the next space station, while the third mission is going to be a bit harder to complete, which is why it’s an extra mission on the side.


There are six modes to select from when playing. There is Classic in which you, well, take on a classic type of tower defense game. All Tower On offers all towers unlocked for you and ready to be used. In Reversal the enemies’ paths are reversed in comparison to Classic mode. For Max Credits, you will have 40,000 credits available to you to protect the space station. Limited Towers is a trickier mode in which you can only build ten towers, so you will need to maximize their potential. The final mode is Endless which is a survival variant in which you must defeat wave after wave of enemies as you try and survive for as long as possible. You can select between the Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty settings to take on a mission so that you can increase the challenge if you want to.

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You have fifteen tower types in total to use in the game. There is the Laser which fires quick laser shots that can target up to 4 enemies but has a limited range; the Smart Laser which deals more damage but costs twice as much as the Laser while having a slower rate of fire; the Power Laser which deals a small amount of damage but fires continuously for four seconds on a single target; the Shocker which stuns its target thanks to an electric shock that will slow it down; the Double Laser which fires quickly and can deal considerable damage to up to two targets; the Eager Eagle which fires four guided rockets per second; and the Blaster which fires continuously over two simultaneous targets reloading every two seconds, to name some of the examples.

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Enemies are also varied, and you will be battling 32 types of aliens split into eight classes in total. There is the Scout class which is the basic enemy class that is small and slow; the Rower class which has faster units with more armor; the Grasshopper class which features fast enemies that you will need to slow down if you want to keep them from dealing considerable damage to the space station; the Spacedog which will rush past your towers since it can resist your shock attacks; and the Bull class which has strong armor and can resist most weapon attacks except for continuous lasers.


You will need to pay attention to the path that your enemies will take so that you can set up your towers along said path to slow them down and damage them until they’re destroyed. Some enemy classes are weaker against specific attacks, so you’ll need to pay attention to make sure you have the right set of towers for the job at hand. You will also need to upgrade your towers as needed so that you can improve their damage, energy, and range since an upgraded tower or two might make the difference as you take on an enemy wave. You also need to decide what your targeting strategy will be if your towers will attack the enemy closest to them, the one that is more distant, the one that is strongest, the one that is weakest, the first enemy unit or the last one.

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Zotrix: Solar Division is a tower defense game that is not going to win any awards for its looks, but if you, well, look past that, you will find a fun and challenging entry in a genre that has become a favorite of mine. There are 45 missions to complete, and rankings for your performance in Classic mode, so that you can see how good you really are, so there’s more than enough content for its $14.99 asking price.

This Zotrix: Solar Division review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Ocean Media.


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