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[Beyond PlayStation] Find The Balance Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Find The Balance Review

Find the Balance is a minimalist object balancing game on Nintendo Switch that is worth a try. Find out why in our Find the Balance review!


Find the Balance includes different modes to enjoy, including some multiplayer action. The goal in this one is simple: you’re given a particular shape, and you must choose blocks to stack on top of without having them fall over. You are timed, and each level must be completed within the limit. Other modes add some extra value to the game, including the aforementioned multiplayer so that you can compete locally against someone else to see which one of you is really the best at the game.


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The items for stacking that are available to you are in good variety, from standard regular good old-fashioned blocks to music notes, interesting PAC-MAN like blocks, funny hats, and plenty more stuff. In Find the Balance you have got to be quick and make decisions on the fly non-stop, demanding some fast planning and quick moves from you if you want to stay on top of things and complete the challenges you will face. You can, of course, rotate pieces to fit your structure better, but you can’t spend too much time rotating things, or you will end up losing some valuable seconds that could potentially earn you three stars on that level – three stars being the highest grade you can get for a stage.

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The game is not difficult to grasp so you will understand the basics and the gameplay mechanics in a matter of seconds. Level 1 is basically your tutorial stage, and it can be completed in a handful of seconds since this level is only there to get you started. Find the Balance includes over 100 levels to complete, so you’ll be spending several hours playing this one on your own depending on your skill level. This one will also definitely provide you with the opportunity for some speedrunning so that you can find the way to solve each stage a quickly as possible. And if you do get stuck in a level o two, then you can use the suggested solutions hint system to carry on – the hints pop up after failing a set number of times so you won’t get to see them if you’re not losing.

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There are other modes as well in this one including Stars levels which will have you stacking items into shapes of stars, a mode that will definitely challenge you into thinking with a bit more strategy when compared to the main mode. Auto Fall is a mode in which items are constantly falling, and you need to survive for as long as possible. Out of these, I have to say I quite liked the Stars levels, which I probably enjoyed the most out of the whole game. As for the multiplayer options in Find the Balance, you can play Autofall, Speed Stack and Adding Blocks as you compete with another player locally.

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Visually speaking the game features a very minimalist presentation with some line art to establish the playing space and the area where you can see the next object(s) you can use for your run, with the color being added by the objects you’ll be stacking. Other than that you have a white (or black) background and nothing more. This design choice will allow you to focus on the action, but the minimalist look might not be everyone’s cup of tea – hopefully, it’s not a deal-breaker for you since this is a fun puzzle game!

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This Find the Balance review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Wastelands Interactive.


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Fun minimalist puzzle game