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[Beyond PlayStation] Swap This! Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Swap This! Review
  • On February 1, 2019

Swap This! from Two Tribes is a colorful budget puzzle game on Nintendo Switch that you should check out. Learn more in our Swap This! review!


Swap This! is a match-four puzzle game that you will be playing most of the time with the Nintendo Switch in Portable or Tabletop mode since it uses the console’s screen for its gameplay. You can play the game with the console in Docked mode, but you will be using a gyroscope-based pointer system to control the swapping action. This second control option is a welcomed addition for those times when you want to play a puzzle game on the TV screen, but I do have to say that the immediate response and fast-paced control afforded by using the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen is certainly the way to go.

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The game four modes for you to take on. There is Minute Match in which, as suggested by its name, you will have a very short window of opportunity to do as much as you can so that you can maximize your score before the timer runs out. In Wave Mode, you will need to free growing waves of creature within the time limit, and once you free the required number of creatures, you will move onto the next wave. Fish Fight has players taking on a large enemy fish and battling it by breaking the ice cubes within the time limit – you will get a bonus for defeating the fish and for the time you had left. As for Puzzle, this mode will present to you with 45 puzzles to complete, and if you finish them within a certain total limit of moves, you will earn a gold, silver or bronze booty.

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As for the gameplay, you can swap ice cubes and need to connect at least four of the same to free the creatures. Just touch one cube and then touch another to swap them as you try to connect creatures of the same color. You can also cut-off ice cubes by starting a chain reaction that will cut away part of the playing field, thus releasing those creatures and giving you twice as many points. Each cube in a chain reaction will be worth one point, with ice cubes from cutting off part of the playing field will be worth two points, and if there is a sea urchin in the cut-off part, you will get four points for it. Each color you activate will add a multiplier to your score, and since there are six colors, that means you can multiply your score up to six times!

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There are power-ups you can activate as well to help you. There is a treasure chest, which you can also swap, that you can touch to free the creatures around it; slowdown that can be double tapped to slow down time for ten seconds, allowing you to activate multiple chain reactions to maximize your score; freeze which will free the spiky sea urchins so that you can plan ahead and try to cut them off the playing field or to get rid of them with another power-up; or a rainbow pearl that can start multiple chain reactions at once.

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It’s easy to recommend Swap This! on Nintendo Switch. It’s fast-paced arcade-style gameplay mechanics, and four different modes have a lot of content to offer for this budget $1.19 release. The Puzzle mode alone is well worth the asking price, and when you add in the other three modes on top of that one, then buying this is a no-brainer. Go get it today!

This Swap This! review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Two Tribes.


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Very fun puzzler available on Nintendo Switch for only $1.19