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[Beyond PlayStation] Trailblazers Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Trailblazers Review
  • On February 4, 2019

Trailblazers from Supergonk and Rising Star Games is a colorful and fun racing game on Nintendo Switch you should check out. Find out why in our Trailblazers review!


The first chapter in the game, the aptly titled “The Basics,” will give you a chance to learn all the basic gameplay mechanics. Holding down the A button will allow you to paint the track with your team’s color, which is very important since when team members go over their color, they get a boost to their speed. The longer you stay in your color, the bigger the speed boost multiplier you will get. You will need to drive your vehicle with the left analog stick as you accelerate with the ZR button to gain enough speed to maximize the color boosts and lower your overall lap time.

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This means that you can also sabotage your opponents by using your color by painting over your rivals’, but that also means they can do the same to you and your team. You should also make good use of your paint attack, which can be unleashed with the X button if you have a full paint bar. If your bar runs out, you will need to wait for a few seconds as it fills up again, so be sure to pay attention to the indicator that will let you know how much longer you will have to wait to have your paint back. You must also pay attention to floating blue hexagons that you can cross to send a splatter of paint flying forward, as this will help you gain an extra boost section right away without using your paint stash.

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From Chapter 2 and on you will be taking on proper races, and for each one, you can earn up to three tokens if you complete some objectives. For example, the first race you take on has the following three objectives: finishing in 5th place or above, finishing in 3rd place or above, and finishing in first place. As you can see, finishing in 1st place will take care of all three objectives, so you might as well aim high, right? Other racers will have other objectives for you, and there are 96 tokens in total to collect if you want to 100% the game. Get all tokens in one go, and you will get golden tokens for your efforts!

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You will need to pay attention to each racer’s stats, since some focus more on creating colored trails, while others have a bigger boost on, well, boosting. You should also pay attention to the handling stat since this will give you a heads-up on how that particular racer will perform when taking on the many curves in the game. For example, rookie Jetstream is a balanced racer, so she has a three-star trails rating, a two-star boosting rating but a very good four-star handling rating, making it easier to play as her to take on what the game throws at you at the start.

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If you’re playing by yourself, then you can take on the game’s Story Mode and Cup Mode as they focus on a single-player experience. And if you want to dive into the multiplayer side of things, then you can play a Custom Race (from one to four players), or take on an Online Race (from one to four players as well). The Online Race is interesting since you can into the game’s Options menu and enable cross-platform play, which will allow you to race online not only with players who own the game on Nintendo Switch but with those in other consoles or on PC.

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Trailblazers is a fun racer with a colorful gameplay mechanic that will keep you entertained as you race down each track as you aim at not only coming in on 1st place but also painting the track in a way that your team can also benefit from it. With different types of races that require you to finish in a top spot or, say, finish the track within a set time limit, you will keep coming back for more for many hours. Go play Trailblazers and enjoy it at home or on the go!

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This Trailblazers review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Rising Star Games.


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Colorful and fun high-speed racer on Nintendo Switch