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[Beyond PlayStation] The Office Quest Review

[Beyond PlayStation] The Office Quest Review
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The Office Quest by 11Sheep is a new point and click adventure on Nintendo Switch! Find out more it hits one is worth your time in our The Office Quest review!


Do you ever have one of those days at the office where you just need a sign to tell you to get out and have an adventure? A sign that tells you that you should be pretty much anywhere but there? And, at that point, you’d take any excuse. Well, how about a floating red thing that appeared out of nowhere and apparently wants you to follow it? Sounds good enough to me!

The Office Quest Review - 1

The Office Quest takes you through, well, your office, and into many different and unique places, with challenges, riddles, and puzzles, each more challenging than the last as you reach each new environment. Divided into four chapters, the first one looks very promising, with creative puzzles and gorgeous animation with a fun style. Even without any tutorial or dialogue, the game doesn’t lose its flow, and you are constantly looking at what to do next to continue, with logical solutions that just borrow a few illogical twists that create a really interesting and entertaining balance.


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Like most point and clicks, you advance by finding objects in the screen and combining them with other elements to make a reaction. Maybe you need to reach something that’s very high up, so you may wonder: “What I could use to get it… well, I’m sure this ostrich neck could work, it’s indeed very long!” The game is full of solutions like that, that ought to make you break a smile.

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However, the charm wears off rather quickly as the fun, and creative pace of the first chapter is taken over by rather annoying and tedious gameplay that has you going around over and over again doing nothing but trying to find the way out. It feels like it only paces out the game for no reason, and after that, the other chapters include puzzles or mini-games that can really break the mood and don’t make much sense as to why they were done in such way.


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The first chapter is definitely enjoyable, and there are quite a few puzzles in the rest that are also challenging in a good way, but the experience can be easily ruined by those bits that are just plain frustrating. But this game’s animation style and sound are quite a view and really add positive points to the overall gaming time, so I would recommend it if you want a fun and quirky puzzle game. Be warned that some parts will most likely end up being dull, but if you are willing to put up with them, the rest is somewhat worth it!

The Office Quest Review - 5

This The Office Quest review is based in a Nintendo Switch copy provided by 11Sheep.


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Interesting but flawed adventure game