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[Beyond PlayStation] Pipe Push Paradise Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Pipe Push Paradise Review
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Pipe Push Paradise from Stage Clear Studios and Digerati is a fun and interesting puzzle game on Nintendo Switch! Learn more in our Pipe Push Paradise review!


Pipe Push Paradise is exactly what it says on the can: a paradise packed with pipes for you to push! Okay, that might need a little context. You arrive at an island to find out that your uncle, the only plumber in the island, has been asleep for months, and the residents figured out that “Hey, maybe if we call his niece we can solve this!”… and by “this,” they mean their plumbing issues, cause the skills probably run in the family, right? No, don’t pay attention to the man that perhaps needs a doctor if he’s been asleep for months – we have more severe pipe issues in our hands to take care of!


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As the title suggests, there are a lot of pipes, and you can move them around by, you guessed it, pushing them! But you can also roll them to change directions and walk around them. This puzzle style is more akin to tile puzzles, as all the pieces are laid there from the beginning of each level for you to solve, with some Sudoku feels thrown in, as everything must fit in one way. Sounds pretty easy right? It sure looked like that during the first few levels! But you might suddenly feel like you missed something. You will soon find yourself thinking something along the lines of “Did I skip a level? Am I missing a sign with instructions? Now I could’ve sworn that piece would fit there… I’ve done this level 5 times now, but I’m sure the 6th time is the one!”. This game does not believe in hand-holding or taking things slowly. Its philosophy is more of a “Well you are probably going to get it eventually,” and it only goes uphill the rest of the game.


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The challenge is a bit refreshing for a puzzle game since sometimes other entries in the genre opt for going in the opposite direction and end up holding the player’s hand for far too long, but there’s a fine line of balance between being challenging and being frustrating, and Pipe Push Paradise likes to play seesaw on it. Thankfully, the ability to reset the entire puzzle or going back one input at a time with the press of a button helps to ease this frustration considerably. Then there’s also that charming element of puzzle games where maybe you’ve been hitting your head on the wall over a single puzzle for what feels like hours and then, out of the blue, everything is crystal clear, and it just clicks – you can feel a “Eureka!” neon sign appearing over your head.

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The game is a little short, but the time spent with the game will greatly depend on the player’s ability, so your mileage may vary. It certainly isn’t a new player’s friendly entry game to the genre, but it’s a fun spin on the usual style. And even if the visuals and music aren’t groundbreaking, they are still quite nice and enjoyable that add to the overall experience.

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This Pipe Push Paradise review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Digerati.


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Fun puzzle game with a twist