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[PlayStation 4] Word Sudoku by POWGI Review

[PlayStation 4] Word Sudoku by POWGI Review

Word Sudoku by POWGI, as the name suggests, is a Sudoku puzzle game where you use words instead of numbers. Learn more about this fun puzzler in our Word Sudoku by POWGI review!


Let me start this review with something for trophy hunters: Word Sudoku by POWGI is an easy and fun Platinum trophy that you can knock out in a handful of hours if you’re good a word puzzle games. Sound good? There are a few hundred puzzles to complete, but you don’t need to complete all of them to unlock the Platinum trophy, which is great news for you trophy hunters out there. On top of that, this puzzle game is also a cross-buy release, so one purchase gets you the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita versions, and there are multiple trophy stacks across different regions!

As for the game itself, you have a grid to play on that will remind you of Suduko puzzles, but instead of inputting numbers you will be adding letters to create words all over the place – hence the name of the game. The extra twist is that you’re using nine letter words to fill up the spots in each puzzle, and as you complete sections of the puzzles the difficulty ramps up. If you’re good at puzzle games, you’re looking at around 8-10 hours to complete all puzzles – more if you’re not that experienced or if you hit a roadblock.

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Word Suduko by POWGI has two ways you can play it, so you can go at it either with the words taking the place of the numbers, as intended or you can go all-in on the Sudoku side and change the words and letters into numbers so that you can get your proper Sudoku on. Just pop into the settings menu at any time, and you can mix things up as you want. So if you’re more into words than numbers, this game is for you. And if you’re more into playing puzzles with numbers instead of with words, then this one is great at it as well.

You are free to make mistakes without any penalties, and any mistake you make can be tracked and wiped away with a press of a button while keeping the correct answers still intact, which is definitely a nice option for players that are not as good at puzzle games. This is especially handy for those who are not very good or are new to Sudoku games, which removes the big entry barrier that most puzzle games end up having for newcomers.


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There are different categories of puzzles available for playing, from beginner to really hard and, as I mentioned at the start of this review, you only need to complete some puzzles in each of the categories to open up the way to your Platinum trophy… but why stop there? Word Sudoku by POWGI has hundreds of puzzles ready for you, and being able to use words and letters or numbers means there is something here for both those that want to try something different as well as for Sudoku purists. Are you ready to dive into this fun release from Lightwood Games?

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Word Sudoku review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Lightwood Games.


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