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[Beyond PlayStation] HoPiKo Review

[Beyond PlayStation] HoPiKo Review
Dusk Fox

HoPiKo from Laser Dog and Merge Games is up for grabs on Nintendo Switch- Find out more about this fast-paced release in our HoPiKo review!


Do you want speed? Want to be put against the clock? Do you want meticulous precision platforming? Do you want the challenge of fast-paced decision making? Want to crash headfirst into a retro console bug to save it from the Bright Red Light of Death? If you answered yes to all of these, then I’ve got some great news for you since HoPiKo offers this and more to you in a matter of seconds, and here is how it does it.

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The game sets you in a “gotta be fast” mood from the get to go. The flashy and bright visuals, the fast-paced and exciting music start to pump you up right from when you press start. Forget everything you know about moving as only jumping matters now. But… OK, I wouldn’t really call it jumping, as its more of a being-shot-out-with-super-speed-in-one-direction-ing – but I assure you it’s a lot of fun. The game works on a level basis, each level requiring five stages to be clear to beat them. The thing is, you have to beat all stages back to back in one go. No room for mistakes, because that will set you back to the start of the level. Sounds easy enough, right? After all, these only take a few seconds to complete… how hard can it be?

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Hard. Very, very hard. The margin of error is no kind mistress in this game, a minuscule flail of aim can, and will, cost you the entire level. You will be playing the same levels over and over again because of that one stage you just can’t get right. Others might say this is a suicide note on the game’s part but, honestly? It works surprisingly well for HoPiKo! Once you get in the zone, mood and rhythm of the game, you enter some sort of trance that sets your mind on the need to get it right one way or the other. Is it relaxing? Frustrating? Somewhere in the middle? Who knows! You certainly won’t know either, because you will be so focused on getting it right with the best time possible that you will lose count on how many runs you’ve given it.

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With that being said, I feel there’s a need for a fair warning. This game can and probably will feel like a nightmare to those that don’t start the game with the right state of mind, knowing that failing is part of the process and there isn’t much you can do about it other than get good. This game is a challenge on your mechanical skills at its purest form, and as impressive as the trance it puts you in can be, if you never manage to get into it, you won’t really be getting much of the fun out of this one. But if you are up for the challenge, HoPiKo is most certainly a great pick for you on Nintendo Switch!

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This HoPiKo review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Merge Games.


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Hectic, fast-paced, challenging and fun action platformer