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[Beyond PlayStation] LOVE Review

[Beyond PlayStation] LOVE Review

LOVE is a rage quitting type of platformer now out on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this retro-looking 2D game in our LOVE review!


In LOVE you can dive into Arcade where you can take on 16 levels with 100 lives as you use trial and error and the handy “drop a checkpoint wherever you want as long as it’s on solid ground” gameplay mechanic. And if that is a bit too much for your skills, you can also take on Unlimited mode which gives you the opportunity to play through the levels with unlimited lives and checkpoints. On the other side of the equation is YOLO mode in which you have to complete all stages with a single life (which sounds just as hard as you think). The Speedrun speaks for itself since you need to finish everything as quickly as possible in one sitting.

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On top of all this, there is the Remix mode in which seven levels are mixed up for you to play through, and you only have 25 lives to do so. The last option is kuso mode which is a short mode with three levels to complete, but you only get 15 lives to do so. That’s LOVE in a nutshell, and you’re definitely going to either love or hate this retro-styled 2D platformer on the Nintendo Switch! You’re going to want to throw your Joy-Con at some point during your time with LOVE, so be sure to be wearing your Joy-Con straps! Getting through the first level alone as you learn how the game works will probably cost you 10-15 lives or so thanks to the trial and error nature of the game!

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The game’s look makes your character pop on the screen since it’s a white running stick figure like bipedal character, and the overall art style reminds me of the challenging platformers I got to play way back in the day. If you’ve played games such as 1000 Spikes, then you’re in the ballpark of what you’re going to get yourself into once you start your run with LOVE. Having 100 lives might seem like a lot, but it’s really not that many once you see how you can easily die during every jump you make since you need to time things right. Some platforms can be so small that you can barely jump on them, and they’re usually next to bottomless pits or close to deadly spikes. You will automatically respawn at the beginning of the level if you don’t set up a checkpoint, so be sure to make good use of them!

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The more you play LOVE, the deadlier things get, and you’ll find out that everything that isn’t your character or solid ground can be deadly for you. And once you run into disappearing platforms, large and sharp buzzsaws, and more, well, if you like challenging platformers then you’re in for a treat! Sixteen levels might not seem like much, but you won’t be able to breeze through them until you’ve had a chance to experience what each stage has to offer and you find the best way to get to the end.

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LOVE is a challenging 2D platformer I’d recommend to those of you who have a lot of patience – nerves of steel – and enjoy taking on a hardcore 2D game. I suggest playing this one in Docked mode so that you don’t end up rage quitting by sending your console flying towards a wall! Patience and practice are the keys to beating this one, so good luck with that!

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This LOVE review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Mokuzai Studio.


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Rage quit inducing hardcore 2D platformer