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[Beyond PlayStation] Awe Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Awe Review
  • On February 27, 2019

Awe from Badland Publishing is a relaxing and soothing release in which you shape a planet by building up its ecosystem. Learn more about this one in our Awe review!

In Awe, you are given the chance to shape up and build the ecosystem of small planets in a relaxing and soothing experience with a minimalist lowpoly 3D look and music that perfectly matches the mood. You must click on the pieces on each planet to create sequences that will open up new things to add to the planet. Each new item you add will show up in that space while also changing the color of the triangular polygon to another color – green, blue, orange and more.

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At the top of the screen, you will see a glowing crystal and pieces of specific colors, and this is a clue for you. The glowing crystals are called Awe, and you must collect them to add to your Awe count on the upper left corner of the screen. After clicking on the planet while mimicking the sequence of colored pieces, Awe will land on the planet. Each structure, thing or piece of flora you want to place on the planet will have an Awe cost attached to it, so you’ll always need to have some Awe on you to place something new on your planet. Once you’ve placed enough of each available structures, thing or flora and then placed the last and more expensive one on the planet, you’ll be able to move on to the next planet.

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I suggest that as soon as you start a new planet, you focus on unlocking the first three structures, things or flora for the planet. This will give you enough colors for you to activate in pairs to send a ton of Awe onto your new planet. Do this for a minute and you’ll have more than enough Awe to then quickly click on each piece one after the other so that you can rack up a combo – you’ll see this thanks to the word combo being displayed at the bottom of the screen and a number that will go up with each new click. Getting a good combo will reward you with extra Awe, and this will make it a lot easier to unlock all remaining structures, things and flora and place them on the planet to unlock the final structure that allows you to “win” that planet.

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Later on, the shape of the planets will start to change, and so will the shapes that make up the planet, moving from the first minimalistic and simple triangles to other more diverse shapes that will certainly change how you approach each puzzle. You will also start to notice that the number of colors you need to hit for a sequence to make Awe rain down on the planet will start to become longer, and the same will happen for the sequences you need to complete to unlock new structures, things or flora to add to the planet.

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Awe is a fun, minimalist, relaxing puzzle game on Nintendo Switch that will appeal to puzzle fans who are looking for a chill experience on Nintendo’s hybrid console. The budget release is out for only $4.99 and offers around 3-4 hours of content depending on your puzzle expertise.

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This Awe review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Badland Publishing.


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Very relaxing and soothing experience