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[Beyond PlayStation] Downwell Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Downwell Review

Downwell is an action-packed vertical endless runner sort of platforming game that is now on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this fantastic game in our Downwell review!


In Downwell, your main objective is to fall down a randomly generated shaft while shooting with your gunboots or stomping on the enemies that get in your way – as long as they don’t have any nasty spikes that can hurt you. You can upgrade your boots and buy other gun types, boosts, and buffs, and even heal ups while in shops. But at its heart, Downwell is first and foremost a roguelike and a very punishing one. You will lose everything when you are defeated, all your purchases, your upgrades, and your progress. There is even a hard mode available for those who are feeling sadistic.

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Having said that, I am really surprised I actually found myself enjoying Downwell quite a lot considering the restarts from scratch and losing all your hard-earned rewards definitely sucks. So if you made it all very close to the end and die, then all of that work is pretty much flushed down the toilet. Would I have liked it if I could keep some of the upgrades from each of my runs for the next run? Certainly. Did it hurt my enjoyment of Downwell on the Nintendo Switch? Weirdly enough, it didn’t!


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The only real rewards the game offers are for managing to reach certain milestones for the total of gems you’ve collected, which will enable you to unlock ‘styles’ which allows you to bend the rules of the game a little bit. Achieving those quotas will take many plays and a lot of patience and perseverance. There’s a ton of fun to be had with the content the game has to offer, not to mention there are some in-game trophies to unlock for things such as getting 3,000 of gems, and beating the boss, as well as replaying the game on Hard Mode, which is unlocked after beating the final boss on the regular difficulty.

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Something you should always aim for is to combo your way through the game. As you go through each area, plan your actions so that you end up stomping on your enemies, using your gun to gain some extra air and to take out the spiky enemies so that you can rack up some bigger combos without touching the ground. If you want to rack up huge a lot of extra gems, then this is the way to do things. The enemies you defeat will leave behind loads of gems you have to collect, so be sure to grab every single one since you can put them to good use at the shops you run into!

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Downwell is a very fun and addictive game that has a lot to offer. You might at first feel overwhelmed, but every time you do a new run, you will get to learn something new and will get better at the game. The different upgrades you can purchase with the gems you collect – hopefully after chaining a combo or two by destroying as many enemies as possible without touching the ground – will keep things interesting from start to finish. Are you good enough to make it all the way to the bottom from the top?

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This Downwell review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Devolver Digital.


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Very addictive vertical reverse action platformer