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[Beyond PlayStation] Swords and Soldiers II Shawarmageddon Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Swords and Soldiers II Shawarmageddon Review
  • On March 1, 2019

Are you ready for a challenging and great-looking 2D real-time strategy game on Nintendo Switch? Then dive into our Swords and Soldiers II Shawarmageddon review!


After getting a chance to dive back into the Swords and Soldiers series thanks to my review for the game on Nintendo Switch, I was definitely up for playing the sequel in its new and improve version: Swords and Soldiers II Shawarmageddon. The game was originally released as a Nintendo Wii U exclusive back in 2015, and after releasing in its updated form on the PlayStation 4, it has now found its way to Nintendo’s hybrid console so that you can play the game at home or on the go.

I liked the way that Swords and Soldiers looked on Wiiware way back when it released in 2009, and it still looks great on Nintendo Switch in full HD. But the way Swords and Soldiers II Shawarmageddon is insanely good – even more so when compared to the original. The new art style for the game gives it a look that will make you think you’re playing an animated film, all with a steady framerate even during it’s fast-paced and packed matches when dozens of enemies from both sides are going at it non-stop.

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Swords and Soldiers II Shawarmageddon follows in the footsteps of its predecessor by giving us a new and revamped 2D real-time strategy (RTS) sidescrolling release, which is completely different from other RTS you might have played that feature a top-down or a 3/4 camera view. Having everything on a 2D plane is great since you only need to worry about troops coming from one general direction, so you can always plan a way to defend against the onslaught of enemies coming your way – as long as you have the needed resources and can quickly make decisions on the go.

There are only two resources that you need to keep an eye on as you play Swords and Soldiers II Shawarmageddon: gold and mana. A bit of each of the two resources will slowly be added to your overall count as time passes by, but if you want to really make a difference and turn the odds in your favor, then you are going to need to use your units to collect gold from mines on the map or by collecting said resources over on the battlefield.

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These resources you collect are used for unleashing your troops on the battlefield, for upgrading your arsenal so that you can gain access to new troops and new spells, to build structures to help you defend your troops from enemy attacks as you dish out some damage of your own, and to cast the magical spells you unlock to turn the tide of battle when used at the right place at the right time.


Once you start playing a stage, you need to be aware of how many units are already under your command, how many mines are nearby, the resources you start the stage with, and if any enemies are already on their way to attack you. Different unit types will move at different speeds through the battlefield, and you need to keep this in mind because if, for example, your slow-moving melee units end up going up against some long-range enemies, your troop will be defeated before it can even get close enough.

The single-player campaign offers a hearty adventure as you follow Redbeard and his Viking troops to try and lead them to victory. The motivation behind this adventure is that someone has stolen the sheep from Redbeard’s favorite shawarma shack, and he most certainly won’t be having any of that! Oh, and there’s also an evil plan in motion for unleashing Shawarmageddon upon the world, which is definitely a bad thing and something that needs to be taken care of!

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Each stage has three objectives for you to complete, for a total of 30 objectives for those of you who want to 100% the game. These include doing things such as collecting all the available treasure in a stage, completing a stage within a specific time limit, keeping a specific unit type alive during the entire battle, defeating all enemies of a stage without using a single spell, finding a key to open a door, destroying the enemy base, and more.

Along with the Vikings faction, there are also two other factions you can play as. You have the Persians who have their own units, skills, spells and quirks, as well as the ability to change their mines so that workers can either collect gold or mana as needed. The third faction is the demons, a deadly group of mythical creatures who are up to no good whom will stop at nothing until they have completely eradicated their opponents, going as far as sacrificing their own units to receive some extra mana. Each faction also has a super unit they can unleash on the battlefield, so make sure to plan accordingly so that you can make the most of their abilities! And once you add in superspells…

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You can also run into some open battles during the main story campaign. During these you will get to craft your army from the available units, spells and structures, so that you can try and find the combination that will allow you to make the most from the resources you will be given, what you can find on the battlefield, and the types of enemies you will be going up against. Available options are split into Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 selections, so you won’t be able to take more than four of each Tier with you.

On top of the main story campaign, Swords and Soldiers II Shawarmageddon also includes an online multiplayer mode so that you can play against others thanks to the power of the internet, as you try and climb up the rankings. You can play a quickmatch, invite a friend to play with you or check any invites you might have received. You can also take on some offline multiplayer action, either against another human being or against the AI. You can customize the match’s starting gold, starting mana, unit and spell cost, cooldown timer, attack damage and spell damage, as well as enter as a customized army that mixes units, spells and structures from all three factions.

The online ranking part of things also applies to the bonus pair of Challenges in the game. The first one is Ol’ Larry’s Rampage in which you punch Vikings to get a highscore, all while avoiding punching the sheep along the way – the more enemies you keep punching from the start of the minigame, the higher your potential overall score can be. Then there’s Ragnarockin’ in which you must protect Fluffy the sheep, who sits in the middle of the screen, by sending down deadly meteors that will rain over your opponents. Every shot you make will lower your score total, and if you don’t miss shots you can bump up your multiplier to a x10 bonus to bump up the points you get per kill.

Swords and Soldiers II Shawarmageddon Review - 5

Swords and Soldiers II Shawarmageddon is a very fun and great-looking 2D realt-time strategy game on Nintendo Switch that is a must-have. It offers a ton of content to play for only $14.99, making this recommendation a no-brainer. Go buy it now!

This Swords and Soldiers II Shawarmageddon review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Ronimo Games.


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Excellent sequel that improves and expands on everything the first one did so great