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[PlayStation 4] Wandersong Review

[PlayStation 4] Wandersong Review

Wandersong is a cute and very colorful musical puzzle platformer with a fantastic and emotional story to follow. Learn more in our Wandersong review!


Wandersong is a great game that is a must-have release on PlayStation 4. Even though it’s a musical adventure, the game is actually very friendly to the hearing impaired. You don’t need to hear the music to be able to play, as the game is full of visual cues – full marks for being so accessible! Upon booting the game for the first time, you begin playing as a bard in a dream world. The bard finds a sword, but it’s too big and unwieldy. Worry not because he has the power of music, and he can use his voice to save the world!

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Wandersong offers you a big adventure in which you can explore a magical world and meet all types of great characters, from bandleaders to pirates and more. There are a ton of characters to meet, and I do recommend that you talk to each and every one of them since they all have something important to say to you. Speaking to all characters will help you find new clues to lead you to the all-important Earthsong, the tune you need to save the world!

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In Wandersong you can use the D-Pad to bring up the musical dial which has many different colors that correspond to certain sounds. Choosing a color is how the bard sings, but the songs are also puzzles which you have to solve. You can use the musical dial to solve environmental puzzles which will then allow you to progress in the game. For example, if you match the tune of some birds, they will give you a jump boost so that you can carry on with your very important quest.

Wandersong Review - 5

Wandersong is split up into chapters, and each chapter has you meeting new characters, solving puzzles and grabbing tons of collectibles that are scattered around each environment. You will sometimes play as an entirely different character, which helps to keep the whole experience feeling fresh, which I really liked. It was a lot of fun playing new characters and learning about them as you go!

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The game will appeal to gamers of all ages and all skill levels. There are some light platforming elements and a decent amount of puzzles to solve, as well as some minor combat, but nothing you can’t get through with some trial and error. The story is the meat of the game, and it does an excellent job of grabbing your attention and keeping you entertained from start to finish, introducing new characters and some fun moments along the way. The game has a nice level of comedy mixed in, and you will end up feeling emotional during some sections.

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The only thing I didn’t like is you are thrown into the deep end without any type of tutorial, which isn’t a deal-breaker as the gameplay mechanics are easy enough to understand and the control set up diagram is available to view in the options menu, but it would have been nice to learn how the musical elements work before you get started. Other than that, there is nothing more to complain about the game since it is a very charming and different game that is worth experiencing.

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Wandersong is a most excellent adventure on PlayStation 4 that is a must-have indie game you should add to your collection. You’re looking at 10-12 hours or so to complete everything it has to offer, and it’s musical theme – and accessibility for hearing-impaired players – will keep you entertained as you experience its clever and emotional story. Go buy Wandersong today!

This Wandersong review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Humble Bundle.


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