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[PS4 Double Review] King’s Bird Review

[PS4 Double Review] The King’s Bird Review

The King’s Bird is a new momentum based, precision platform game from Serenity Forge. Find out more about this release in our The King’s Bird review!


The King’s Bird is a momentum-based precision-platformer that seamlessly combines parkour with aerial movement

King’s Bird – Trailer

This is a double review for King’s Bird. Ceidz and ThaRaven403 played the game, and this review presents what they both had to say.

From the start, you’ll quickly learn the simple yet tricky controls of the game. You move with the left analog, jump with the cross button, run with the hold of R2 and glide with L2. You can also do the usual side-scroller / platformer tricks like wall jump or even wall run if you hold R2 when you touch a wall after jumping. The introduction level and the hub world you are in after allow you to practice with those until you reach the place where you can visit different stages.

The goal of each stage is pretty simple; get to the end of it. While doing so, you’ll also have the optional challenge of grabbing a certain number of spirit birds that are scattered along the stage, sometimes requiring you to deviate a bit from the main path. You’ll also notice at the bottom of the screen a timer that starts as soon as you start the stage, that should get every speed-runner out there excited. Although it’s not the same type of gameplay, I felt the same kind of urge to speed as I did in Splasher, which I reviewed a while back.

The King's Bird Review

As for the actual gameplay, I’ve had a hard time getting acquainted with the controls, since the combination of L2 and R2 to mix some flight and wall grabbing was not that easy to pull off. Moreover, it didn’t take a lot of stages before going against some difficult platforming sections that required some precise timing for the jumps, wall grabs and flying, making it hard to actually figure out how and where you had to go.

Most of the trophies are for completing the levels and getting all the spirit birds. If you can get used to the gameplay it shouldn’t be a challenge to breeze through the game for another platinum, but if you’re like me, you might pass on this trophy for this game.

After playing the game for a while, it left me with some mixed feelings. The visuals are beautiful, with slight shades of color in the levels and a minimalist design that are really nice to watch while playing. The story is vague, with interactions here and there that leave it up for interpretation because there isn’t really much dialogues.

The King's Bird Review


Once the game starts and you get control of your character, you’ll be free in a city which teaches you the different gameplay mechanics available by requiring you to understand them to progress. I liked the fact that the tutorial wasn’t stopping the flow of the game and instead is written as signs next to your parcours and you can try them as many times as needed to practice.

Now onto the gameplay itself, you’ll have glide to the nearest platform using the momentum you’ve gained while jumping or running. I had a hard time mastering the different controls since once you’re in a level, most jumps need tight reaction and must be executed perfectly. I’d even say this game is close to a precision platformer. At least there are many checkpoints so you don’t usually go too far back when you miss a jump, and re-spawning is instantaneous, meaning you can try again right away.

The King's Bird Review

One thing that might help if like me, you thought that things were too hard is the Assist Mode. It’s something you can tweak in the game’s options, allowing you to make the game a bit easier with settings like the gameplay speed or actually removing damage from the spikes you can hit. All those settings can really make for a much easier experience, but it doesn’t change how tricky some parts can be if you can’t figure out how to reach a platform.

I liked the presentation of the different levels which are colorful, but the soundtrack was average and it didn’t stay in my head after a play session. Like ThaRaven403, I had mixed feelings of my experience. On one hand the graphics were great, but the different platforming mechanics didn’t feel as polished nor rewarding as other games of the same type.

The King's Bird Review


Final Thoughts
The King’s Bird has the potential to be an incredible game, but the controls and difficulty made for a rather painful experience for us, and the story was not elaborate enough to keep us going. If you can get used to the controls then you should be able to get an enjoyable experience out of this one, but this experience is definitively not for everyone.

Price: $19.99

This King’s Bird review is based on PlayStation 4 copies provided by Serinity Forge.


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