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[PS4] SNK Heroines: ~Tag Team Frenzy~ DLC Fighters Review

[PS4] SNK Heroines: ~Tag Team Frenzy~ DLC Fighters Review

New characters have been released for SNK Heroines: ~Tag Team Frenzy~, each costing $4.99. Are they worth it? Find out in our SNK Heroines: ~Tag Team Frenzy~ DLC Fighters Review!


I’m going to be doing a single review post for all four DLC characters for the game, which means you’ll be able to learn more about Miss X, Jeanne, Skullo Mania, and Thief Arthur. Are they worth your money? Read on and judge for yourself!


This is probably the most interesting of the bunch. Skullo Mania was a male fighter who has been turned into a woman for this particular fighter. Skullo Mania is, along with Thief Arthur (more on that in a bit), one of the fastest characters in the game. Skullo Mania’s attacks are lightning fast, making her a tricky opponent to fight against, and an excellent option for newcomers since she can easily make short work of her opponents. For example, her slide kick is very fluid and easy to use, and you can maximize her damage potential by linking her special moves. Skullo Mania first appeared in the Street Fighter EX series from Akira, and also be seen in Fighting Layer EX.


Thief Arthur is the second company cross-over character and the second of the DLC characters to originally be a female. She comes from her own series, Million Arthur, from Square Enix. As I mentioned before, she’s very fast and nimble, which makes her a deadly character in battle. She has the most interesting attacks out all DLC characters, most of which are multihit. She has powerful air and ground attacks and specials so that you can always keep your opponent guessing. Thief Arthur is probably one of the most overpowered characters the game has to offer, so she’s definitely worth the $4.99 price tag.

I really didn’t like Miss X since she is rather slow and bulky, and personally didn’t find her attacks as effective as the other DLC character. Miss X as a character first showed up as a boss for SNK Gal Fighters, a game released for the Neo Geo Pocket way back in the year 2000. In that one, Miss X is, in fact, Iori Yagami wearing a rather peculiar costume, but in here he is now a she. She feels a bit heavier when compared to Iori Yagami in the King of Fighters series. She does have three costumes available, one of which pays homage to eternal rival Kyo Kusanagi from that fighting game series. This was my least favorite of the four characters.


Jeanne comes from the World Heroes franchise, and she fits the role of warrior perfectly. She has an interesting move set which adds some variety to the battles in SNK Heroines: ~Tag Team Frenzy~, with some emphasis on juggling opponents onto the wall. Jeanne is a sword user, and she feels sort of like a tank fighter because, while her finishing moves may not be the best or the fastest, they do pack a punch! Like Miss X, Jeanne has three costumes, two of which are a bit too skimpy for my taste.

If you’re going to get more than one DLC character for the game, then I’d suggest that you spend your money on Skullo Mania and Thief Arthur due to their speed and their overall fighting styles. If you’re going to pick up three out of the four, then that vote goes to Jeanne. Miss X is the one out of the lot that didn’t grab my attention as she felt too slow and cumbersome, but there are players out there that might dig that playing style. Which DLC fighter are you buying for SNK Heroines: ~Tag Team Frenzy~?

This SNK Heroines: ~Tag Team Frenzy~ DLC Fighters review is based on Nintendo Switch codes provided by NIS America.


Review Overview

An overall sound mix of extra DLC fighters – except for Miss X