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[Beyond PlayStation] Baba Is You Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Baba Is You Review
  • On March 18, 2019

Baba is You is a clever, charming, and very fun puzzle game that is one of the best puzzle games out there on Nintendo Switch or any other console. Find out why in our Baba is You review!


Baba is You is a game about a charming little white creature in a puzzle world with a very distinct and lovable look. Bab is You is a game about rules. Baba is You is a release in which you are meant to break the rules to bend the game and its elements to do whatever it is that you want them to do… that is, as long as you have the right word combinations for it! You will get started on a rather simple stage that will show you to basics so that you can quickly get the hang of things and start to find the different solutions for the predicament at hand.

Baba Is You Review - 1

Each level will have a set of objects and creatures represented by the corresponding words, as well as a feature for said aforementioned words. The first level has Baba, a wall, a rock and a flag, and the rules are simple: Baba is You, Wall is Stop, Rock is Push, and Flag is Win. What this means is that, since Baba is You, you get to control Baba by moving the left analog stick. Since Wall is stop, you won’t be able to move through the space occupied by the wall. Since Rock is Push, you’ll be able to push the rock out of the way. And because Flag is Win, touching the flag will end the level, and you’ll win.

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Now here’s where things start to get fun. There are different ways for you to solve a level. Going from what was said in the previous paragraph, you could easily walk around the wall and out onto the black void of the screen’s real estate and just walk up to the flag and touch to win the level. But if you want to experiment, you could move the word Stop from the wall, so that you can go through the wall, just for fun. Or maybe you can become the wall, so you move the world Wall to substitute the word You, and since now Baba is Wall, you will be able to move around as the wall! This does not give us a solution for the level, but if you move the wall just a little bit down and to the right, you will touch the flag and Win.

Baba Is You Review - 3

But what if you don’t want the Flag to be the Win trigger? You could then move the word Win away from Flag, and then put it next to Wall or Rock, so that Wall is Win or Rock is Win, and then just touch either object – that is as long as it’s the object that ended up getting Win attached to it! When an object or creature and another word are combined, good things might happen, but you could also find yourself in a predicament after aiming too high and trying to do something that keeps you from continuing.


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You might, for example, decide that saying Baba is Win will instantly win you the stage, but as it turns out, Baba will immediately stop moving and will end up being trapped. You can easily get out of this by using the controller buttons to either reset the whole thing or just go back one move or as many as you want by pressing the X button over and over again. There are some stages in which rules are blocked away from your reach, and most of the time they will remain there… but every now and then, there might be something you can do about it to bend the game to do your will!

Baba Is You Review - 5

Baba is You is an excellent puzzle game on Nintendo Switch that is a must-play. It’s charming, has a simple yet extremely clever premise, a ton of puzzles to solve, and it left me wanting to see what else Hempuli could do with Baba is You, perhaps giving us extra levels by way of DLC, a sequel that bends things even further, or a new game that goes after a simple premise that ends up making his next game another masterpiece. Baba is You is puzzle GOTY, and you need it in your life.

Baba Is You Review - 6

This Baba is You review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Hempuli.


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