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[PlayStation 3] The Sims 3 Review

[PlayStation 3] The Sims 3 Review

The Sims 3 is a popular life simulation game about making a livelihood, which puts a lot of focus on the Sims’ growth. You can build an individual or a family from scratch using the character creation tool.

For this edition, all characters and the environment features have been upgraded to 3D. On the PlayStation 3, you can control your Sims with the controllers instead of with a mouse and keyboard as was the case for the original PC release.


The base game only has one neighborhood called Sunset Valley, but there is another neighborhood called Riverview which you can download from The Sims 3 store. If you want more neighborhoods, you will have to purchase the expansion packs or purchase them with sim points at The Sims 3 Store.

In every neighborhood, there are parks, houses, empty lots, and shops to visit. The map view allows you to quickly find the building you want to go by marking them with different colors. For example, buildings with red icons are where the Sims go to work, while those with blue icons are public places. The active Sims household is marked with a light blue icon. Orange icons are used to mark other Sims’ households.

Music in The Sims 3

When playing on console, you will get to hear some soothing music playing in the background throughout the game as you play, and the game changes when you change modes – for example, when you switch from buy mode to live mode.

If you’re wondering how to record streaming audio when playing on PC, your best option is to use a screen recorder like Movavi Screen Recorder. When the program launches, use your crosshair cursor to draw a record frame anywhere on the screen. After that, click the audio setting button to enable audio recording through the speakers. You can start and stop recording by hitting the F10 key. It shows everything about the recording session such as length, and size on hard disk. The Sims 3 has a built-in video recorder which can be activated by pressing V on the keyboard. It can only record up to 60 seconds. When you want to stop recording, you must press V again.

Buy Mode

The Buy Mode is where you go to purchase furniture, electronics, computers, appliances and cars for the Sims household. Everything is categorized properly so that you can easily find what you want right away, splitting things, for example, into living room, kitchen, bathroom, and miscellaneous. By the way, the belongings of a dead Sims will automatically be entered into the family inventory.

Buy Mode is not only accessible when you are playing a Sims household but it can also be accessed when you visit a shop in the neighborhood. Every now and then, the shops will release coupons, and you can use them to save money in your shopping!

Build Mode

You have the option of moving a Sim into a furnished or unfurnished lot. You can also purchase empty land and build the house yourself. In Build mode, you can create everything including walls, decks, swimming pools, doors, windows, fireplace, roof, flooring, and even kitchen counters! You can build a house with a maximum of five stories.


The Sims that live and breathe are not the only characters in the game! You can see the ghosts of the Sim that died floating around in the house. You can interact with the ghost Sim just like you do with a living Sim.

If you befriend a ghost, you will have the option to add it to the household! You can even have a baby with a ghost Sim.

Controlling the Sims

You only have the ability to control one Sims household at a time. If you want to control another Sim, you will have to go back to map view and select the household.

When you want to control a Sim, you simply select its thumbnail on and click on the object you want it to interact with. For example, if you want a Sim to cook something, just click on the fridge and select the recipe to cook!

Aging Process

Every character in the neighborhood will grow together. You can stop the Sims from having free will in the settings configuration, and you can also increase the Sims lifespan by eating a life fruit. The aging process can also be stopped if needed. The game has its own day/night cycle so that you can experience things differently.

Have you taken a dive into the world of The Sims 3? Let us know!