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[Beyond PlayStation] Awesome Pea Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Awesome Pea Review
  • On April 1, 2019

Retro-styled 2D platformer Awesome Pea from Sometimes You is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Awesome Pea review!


Awesome Pea is a 2D platformer with a look that will remind old-school gamer out there of the beloved 8-bit Game Boy from Nintendo, a handheld console that released way back in 1989. It featured a display that showed the graphics in what was supposed to be four shades of grey, but that in real life ended up looking a bit more into green territory. Awesome Pea is very easy to get the hang of since all you have to worry about is moving your character left and right with either the left analog stick or the D-Pad, jumping with the A button.

Awesome Pea Review - 1


For this game, one hit is all it takes for your character to die, and since there are no checkpoints to save your progress in each level, that one hit will send you back to the start. This might seem like an issue for some of you, but since levels are not that long to begin with – a few minutes each at most – you can quickly get right back to it and try to make it to the end. There is a lot of trial and error for this one since there are deadly stationery or rotating spikes, giant frogs that shoot energy spheres out of their mouth, flying arrows, buzzsaws, scorching lava, and more.

Awesome Pea Review - Map

Each stage has a set number of coins and diamonds to collect. Coins are worth 100 points and diamonds are worth 1,000. If you want to 100% the game, you’ll need to collect every single coin and gem in Awesome Pea, and this adds some extra replay value since sometimes you might end up missing a coin or diamond that you couldn’t spot because of the game’s color palette – or lack of it! You’re also timed in each level, so those of you who love to do some speedrunning will be inclined to find the best possible route through each stage so that you can collect everything in the level while also getting the lowest time possible, or perhaps you might want to go for an any % speedrun and complete each level as quickly as possible, even if it means skipping some coins and diamonds.

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The game has a couple of graphics options for you to tailor your experience. You can make it so that the screen includes scan lines, to give it that old-school look as if you were playing it on one of the TVs most of us had way over 20 years ago, and you can also make the screen’s shape a bit rounder, again, to mimic the look of CRT TV screens from many moons ago. You can decide to use both graphics options at the same time, or you can activate one or the other so that you can make the game look just like you want it to.

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Awesome Pea is a fun budget release available on Nintendo Switch for only $5.99. It offers 30 levels with a graphical style that will remind players of the beloved Game Boy era, with a chiptune soundtrack to match. If you’re a fan of challenging 2D platformers, then this one will definitely scratch that itch.

This Awesome Pea review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Sometimes You.

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Fun 2D retro-styled 2D platformer