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[Beyond PlayStation] Angels of Death Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Angels of Death Review
  • On April 2, 2019

Angels of Death from Playism is psychological horror experience with a very unique premise. Learn more in our Angels of Death review!


Angels of Death has a manga, and anime, and a video game on the Nintendo Switch. The game’s premise is a very interesting one: you take control of thirteen year old Rachel Gardner (Ray), who wakes up inside of a building with no recollection of how she got there. All that she can remember, is that before waking up, she was at a hospital – in an examination room to be precise. As she searches for an exit, she runs into Zack, who is also trying to find a way out. So far, that sounds like the start of many video games, right?


Angels of Death Review - 1

Well, here’s the twist: Zack is actually a murderer covered in bandages who is most certainly up to no good. Ray, as it turns out, wants to be killed, so the two come to a rather disturbing agreement: if Ray helps Zack escape the building, he will kill her. They set out to find a way to get out of the building, collecting the items they find, which will be placed in the inventory, so that they can be used to help them achieve the goal they have in common. You’ll have to go through the game’s four chapters to find a way to exit the building before it is too late!

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To do this you’ll need to solve many puzzles in the game by using the items you collect. An example of one of these puzzles, which happens early in the game before Ray finds Zack – which makes it an ideal example since it won’t spoil much of the game for you – involves a bag of snacks. You will find a bird chirping around in the first floor you enter after going up from the basement. After getting close to it and interacting with the A button, Ray will mention that if she offers it some food, then perhaps the bird will come down. Since you’ll have the bag of snacks on you collected a minute before this interaction, opening your inventory with the X button will allow you to select it.


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It is a bit after this interaction that you will end up running into Zack and, at first, Ray’s instinct is obviously to run away from the guy who is laughing manically while being covered in bandages and carrying around a sharp looking scythe – at least he gives her a three second head start! Once you find a hiding place, you’ll be able to momentarily escape Zack. The bird, unfortunately, was not as lucky, so Ray decides to find a place nearby where she can bury the poor thing to give it a proper sendoff. This sequence will show you the basics of what you can expect to do for the rest of the game.

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I really can’t talk more about what else you will find since it would spoil things and ruing the experience for you. Rest assured that the overall story is bizarre and interesting, and that you’ll run into other colorful and weird characters as you learn more about Zack’s past and why he acts the way he does, as well as learn more about Ray and how she ended up in this building in the first place – along with what the reasons are for the sick “game” that someone seems to be playing with her.

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Angels of Death on Nintendo Switch is an entertaining RPG adventure with a very dark premise and an even darker story. Aside from the stress of being chased by Zack at the start of the game, this one is not going to be a “sneak around and hide as needed to stay alive” type of game, instead giving us a physiological horror game. Are you ready to dive in?

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This Angels of Death review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Playism.

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Interesting psychological experience with a unique premise