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[Beyond PlayStation] A Case of Distrust Review

[Beyond PlayStation] A Case of Distrust Review
  • On April 3, 2019

A Case of Distrust is an excellent mystery game set in 1924 San Francisco. Find out why you have to play this one on Nintendo Switch in our A Case of Distrust review!


Mystery game A Case of Distrust places you in the shoes of Phyllis Cadence Malone, private investigator in 1924 San Francisco. A female private investigator. Yes, during the roaring twenties. Oh, and she used to be part of the San Francisco Police Department. Your task will be to solve one case in particular the details of which I won’t be spoiling here, by searching high and low for clues that will lead you to finding the evidence you might need to break past the lies of the potential suspects you will get to interact with. Deception is the name of the game, so all the info you can get will certainly be useful.

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You see, Phyllis left the force to pursue a chance of doing investigative work on some interesting cases, but it turns out that the only type of cases she was hired to work on as a private investigator were for adultery cases. Other than helping to pay the bills, working on this type of case really rubbed her the wrong way. The work sucked, and it was also hard to come by, and even when she did get a case of that nature, if she ended up doing a stellar job and presented her findings to the client, her employers would often not believe that was true.

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You can either play with the Joy-Con, moving a cursor around the screen and pressing the A button to interact with the story, or you can use the touchscreen on the Nintendo Switch when playing in Portable or Tabletop mode. I gave both options a try and they both work great but, for me, since this is a short game, I felt it was best experience while on the go, so I ended up playing over two thirds of it like so while touching on the screen to move the action and the story along.

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Some of the areas you visit will have objects you can interact with, and touching them will allow you to learn more about what each thing is, and how it might play a valuable role in your investigation… or not. Take, for instance, the starting scene early on in the game – trust me, this is the only small section I’ll be spoiling in this review! You will be in your office, and can interact with a newspaper on the floor that has a headline announcing the death of Lenin, a lamp that used to belong to Phyllis’ uncle, a bird statue used for decoration, an icebox, several copies of old murder cases she took when she left the SFPD, packaged cigarettes, an old notebook, and a cat.

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Once you’ve clicked on everything, pointing and clicking on the cat will allow you to “talk” to the cat, which basically means you’ll be interrogating it. It is during this sequence that, by using the items you’ve interacted with, you’ll be tasked with reviewing said evidence as well as any statements you might have, to present an argument that proves that someone is lying. The cat scenario is the end game, but what you will do for a while in the game us used the evidence and statements to ask as many questions as you can to each of the individuals you meet, so that you can start to dig deeper and deeper into this case that just doesn’t feel right.

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A Case of Distrust is an excellent mystery adventure on the Nintendo Switch that you have to play. I can’t discuss the game’s story since it would end up ruining your time with the game. It’s part point and click adventure, part text-heavy visual novel, and I loved every minute of it. Don’t let its short length (three hours or so) keep you from taking it for a spin, because it’s a very interesting experience that does some things differently that give it a very unique look and feel. It is well worth its $14.99 asking price, and you should gi play it today on Nintendo’s hybrid console!

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This A Case of Distrust review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Serenity Forge.

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Great point and click/visual novel murder mystery