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[Beyond PlayStation] Treasure Stack Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Treasure Stack Review
  • On April 10, 2019

Treasure Stack from Pixelakes is a new colorful puzzle game available on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Treasure Stack review!


In Treasure Task you must make the most of your abilities in a fast-paced puzzle game in which you have to match colored treasure boxes to their corresponding colored key in order to open them so that you can collect the treasure inside of them. The more treasure chests you open at once, the bigger your score boost, and the more you can chain in a single move, the better your combo burst. Think of it as a distant cousin of Puyo Puyo, and you’ll start to get the idea of what you can expect from this falling blocks puzzler.

Treasure Stack Review - Solo

I suggest that before you dive into any Online Play, that you take on some Solo Play so that you can learn the basics. When you take on Solo Play, you’ll be able to earn points that will go towards unlocking characters and grapples (which are purely cosmetic), so you will at least be making some progress as you play in this mode. Once you get started, you will learn that none of the stacks of blocks can go over the line at the top of the screen. If one does go over, then you will be eliminated, and that’s not good since your goal is always to survive longer than your opponents.

Treasure Stack Review - 1


You will move your character around the small playing field with the left analog stick or the D-Pad and can make it jump by pressing the B button. You can pick up a block when you’re next to it by pressing the Y button. You will get treasure chest blocks and key blocks and must match keys and treasures of the same color for the chests to open. You can also grapple falling blocks by pressing up and the Y button at the same time so that you can speed up their fall. You can drop any blocks you’re carrying by pressing down along with the Y button, and this will boost you up by as many blocks as you’re carrying.


Treasure Stack Review - 2

As you play, you will get some demon rune blocks, which act like what you might know in other puzzle games as garbage blocks. They can’t be matched with other blocks, and in order to clear them, you must match a key and a chest next to it. There are also weapon blocks that you can put to good use by picking them up and then dropping them, as is the case of the handy bomb that will explode and destroy any nearby blocks. There are other weapons to use during your session, and finding the best time to use them to maximize their potential will also be part of the experience.

Treasure Stack Review - 3


The game features two multiplayer options, between local multiplayer and being able to go online to battle opponents from around the world. Local multiplayer is always a great option in a puzzle game, and for the case of Treasure Stack, it is where the game shines. You can have up to four players going at it at once, making for some hectic but fun sessions on Nintendo Switch. The local multiplayer is a very important component in Treasure Stack, and it’s a mode in which you’ll probably spend dozens of hours playing with friends.

Treasure Stack Review

As for the online, while it’s a nice thing to have, the game, unfortunately, does not have enough people to get a solid stream of online gaming going on. Sure, the game features different “seasons” during which to play, each with different rewards for your efforts depending on the rank you reach for the season, but during my time with the game it usually took 40-50 minutes to find someone to play with online, and after that I was kicked back to the main screen, instead of having the chance to a get a rematch. This is unfortunate since the game even allows you to play cross-platform online matches, but the user base is still not quite there yet. When you can play, you should aim at getting three wins so that you can rank up and repeat the cycle so that you can climb as high as possible.

Treasure Stack Review - 5

Overall, Treasure Stack is a fun block-dropping puzzle game on Nintendo Switch with some interesting gameplay mechanics and a lot of entertainment to offer in its local multiplayer mode for up to four players. The online is also fun but, as I mentioned before, there aren’t enough players right now, but hopefully, that improves as more people jump in on this entertaining puzzler.

This Treasure Stack review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Pixelakes.

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Solid single-player and multiplayer falling blocks puzzler