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[Beyond PlayStation] Silence Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Silence Review

Silence is a recently released gorgeous game with a beautiful story on the Nintendo Switch. Find out why this is a must-have release in our Silence review!


The game is set in a place known as Silence, a world created by the imagination of two kids – brother and sister: main protagonists Noah and Renie. The two have conjured up an inventive world to escape the real world that is being ravaged by war. In the middle of a war raid, they are transported to Silence, but the siblings end up being separated. While playing as Noah, you will try and find your way back to Renie, so that you can both find a path back to reality – war and all.

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Unfortunately for the two, Silence is not the world they had hoped to end up in since there is actually a war going on between the Seekers and the Rebels – events that in a way mimic was is going on in the real world. The Seekers, the weird looking creatures, are trying to destroy the world of Silence, which means that in this scenario the rebels are the good guys who are trying to stop them from achieving said goal. Noah and Renie get caught in the middle of it all and must find a way to help the rebels while also staying safe.


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The game being a point and click adventure game, it is very easy to learn the mechanics and enjoy the story as you go. As the name suggests, you can point at anything that is clickable to interact with it, and some items you can pick up and place in your inventory – these items will be put to good use to solve some puzzles. Sometimes an item you pick up can be combined with another one to create something new that can be used in a puzzle either right away or later in the game, so you should definitely pick up everything you can if you want to progress in the game.

While you might sometimes get stuck in this adventure, there is nothing that some exploration and a bit of experimentation will help you solve any roadblocks you might end up at. As long as you interact with everything you’ll be halfway there. Using the hint system isn’t going to help you that much since it won’t tell anything you don’t already know from your time with the game, so be sure to take your time to explore every area so that you can find that one item you’re probably missing.

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You will have dialogue options to select as you play, but they only affect your characters in a certain way rather than affect the overall ending for the story. I really don’t want to spoil the story for you here since it’s something I think you should experience on your own, but one thing I do want to mention is that, while you play as Noah and Renie for a large portion of the game, there is one character that stands out for me: Spot! Spot is a caterpillar that too cute for words. He has some handy talents that will help with your quest, making this beautiful game a must-have on Nintendo Switch.

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The story of silence is really beautiful and engaging, and it had me hooked from start to finish. There is nothing to report on the bugs or glitches department as I didn’t run into anything bad during my time with the game. The team has done an excellent job with this point and click release, giving us locations that come to life and puzzles that are very satisfying. The one complaint I would have about it is that I think the voice acting could have been a bit better, but that’s the one thing that I think could have benefited from a bit of extra care.


Silence is not only a beautiful game art-wise but story-wise as well. Sure, the game is short, as you can probably complete the game in around 5-7 hours depending on your experience with point and click adventure games, but this is one Nintendo Switch release that is certainly worthy of your time and money. Kudos to Daedalic Entertainment for bringing this one to the Nintendo Switch!

This Silence review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Daedalic Entertainment.

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Gorgeous and excellent point and click adventure on Nintendo Switch