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[Beyond PlayStation] World Tree Marché Review

[Beyond PlayStation] World Tree Marché Review
  • On April 24, 2019

Review Overview

Fun and colorful lite-management sim experience


World Tree Marché from Flyhigh Works is a quirky and colorful management sim on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our World Tree Marché review!


In World Tree Marché you play the role of Royal Food Advisor, tasked with helping the chefs who, along with you, are trying to save the titular location from a 5,000,000G debt. Things are one step away from really getting bad since if the debt is not repaid, then the evil Gourmand Corp will take the land. To be able to repay the debt, you will need to collect many ingredients so that you can combine them in different ways to create dishes to sell to customers.

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You can use CP to gain a new hint for a recipe so that you can find out how to make something – you might get the name of one or the ingredients as well as a clue to what else it might need. After selecting a basic dish, you’ll then select the ingredients, before cooking everything together. Take, for example, the first recipe you will learn in the game. For this, you will need to use a piece of bread, as well as some sprouted beans. Putting the two together gives you Jack Bread. Anise, the first chef you will have as you get things going, calls your creations Neo Recipes and mentions that if you can continue to come up with Neo Dishes, customers will certainly buy them.


Creating a new dish is only part of the equation because you also need to add it to the menu so that you can sell it to customers from all over the place. And since dishes require ingredients to be created, you will need to stock up on them so that you can cook not only many new dishes but also more of the same dishes you’ve already discovered. You will need stamina and gold to stock up in items, but you will also need to take a dish with you to boost the number of ingredients you can get. You will also gain some CO after gathering ingredients, which will, in turn, help you uncover new dishes.

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As you advance in the game, selling a ton of dishes while crafting new items to add to the menu, your relationship with each of the chefs you will in World Tree Marché will improve, allowing you to interact with them to learn more about their life story – pay attention after gathering ingredients to see if a chef mentions it wants to talk to you. To do this, you can go into a chef’s vehicle, open the menu, and select the chat option to see how many new conversations you can have. The better you do, the more chefs will return to the World Tree Marché, offering a bigger variety of dishes to those that visit.

Something else that you should know is that while the game is closed, customers will continue to visit the World Tree Marché, consuming the dishes that the chefs will cook. Because of this, I suggest that you use all of your stamina to collect as many ingredients as you can so that you can have a varied stock for the location to sell to visitors for as long as possible. Once you go back to the game, just go into each of the chef’s vehicles to collect your earnings, and to see if there are still some ingredients left in your stock.

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Early in your adventure, you will unlock the opportunity of purchasing Magic Balloons. These can be bought with gold and will bestow a bonus effect depending on what type you get. There is one for drawing more customers to the World Tree Marché, one for increasing the amount of ingredients collected during each run, one for lowering the cost of stocking up, another for making the popularity of dishes recover faster, a balloon for increasing the chance of getting a fever rush, and one for increasing your character’s recovery speed after eating food. Balloons can also be leveled up to boost their effects, so be sure to put your money to good use!


And then, there are the Gold eggs. You can get while gathering ingredients, or by meeting a sales target for each of the chef’s creations. To collect some extra golden eggs, you should talk to Julie, the talking cat, in the main area of the World Tree Marché. Julie will offer some extra bonus missions for you to complete, with objectives such as creating 3 Neo Recipes, adding a slot to the menu in Anise’s shop, stocking up each of the shops several times, and more. You should always check with Julie every now and then to see how you’re progressing towards completing the different missions, as well as to collect your golden egg rewards since they can make a big difference for your run.

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World Tree Marché is a minimalist and fun management game on Nintendo Switch that will keep you busy for many hours. On top of creating Neo Dishes for all of the chefs, you will also get to complete many missions, unlocking extra titles (which work as in-game achievements) as you go. There is a lot to do in this one, so I definitely recommend that you check it out!

This World Tree Marché review is based on a Nintendo Switch code provided by Flyhigh Works.