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[Beyond PlayStation] SteamWorld Quest Review

[Beyond PlayStation] SteamWorld Quest Review

Image and Form is back with a SteamWorld game, diving into turn-based RPG territory. Learn more in our SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech review!


This time around, SteamWorld Quest is an entry in the SteamWorld universe that sets off to do new things in a new genre, different from what other games before it have done for this particular steampunk universe. In here you have deck building gameplay mechanics where you can have a party of three characters using eight cards in combat in a turn-based fashion. I thought I would be rubbish at the game, but it turns out it perfectly distills the turn-based battles and the card-based action into an experience that at no moment feels overwhelming. You’re going to love this one and its fun story and gameplay mechanics!

SteamWorld Quest Review - 2

You follow Armilly, who is a hero knight in the making out on a quest to be accepted into the Hero Guild. She has dreams of becoming a great knight and wishes to follow in the footsteps of her greatest hero, Gilgamech. She is brimming with personality and is complemented initially by alchemist Copernica and healer/tank Gallo, another pair of extremely likeable characters that greatly make the overall experience better. You will gain other party members later in the game, and you will need to select the three that will be in the battles, and the ones that will be available as backup characters.


SteamWorld Quest Review - 3

You will explore each location area by area as you explore a not too big but not too small map. Combat-wise it’s very much a pick up and play type of game since you can use the cards dealt to you each round to select attacks or support skills for your party. Before starting a battle you can use the A button to strike at an enemy out on the field, and this will reward you with a first strike bonus that will remove some of their health. You will select which cards to bring into battle from those available to you at the start, the ones you find in treasure chests, and the ones you create with the merchant. You can also upgrade cards to improve their stats, so be sure to make good use of this option!

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Since there are a ton of cards available for each of your party members, you will need to manage your deck so that each one has eight cards available at all times (you can’t have more than eight cards assigned to a party member), and you will need to make the right selections for each chapter since just selecting the strongest cards will not be a good strategy, as they will require SP to be used, and without lower level basic cards in your deck, you won’t be able to build up enough SP to use them.

SteamWorld Quest Review - Deck

If the set of cards you have been dealt with does not please you, you have the opportunity to change up to two cards per turn, which is a nice option to have. Some cards allow you to create tag team combos where you can unleash some extra damage on enemies, and this will certainly tilt the balance in your favor. Characters do not heal after each battle, so you will need to heal them at the Gilgamech hero statues in each chapter, which also double as extra save points. Using these statues to heal your party members will also respawn all enemies near you, so be sure to think if healing party members is worth having to fight some extra enemies all over again – at least you will get some extra experience!


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There is plenty on offer in SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech, both for fans of turn-based RPGs and fans of the SteamWorld universe. I liked just about everything the game had to offer, from the cartoony art style to the turn-based card-based combat, with the only small complain being that I would have preferred to have the mini-map in the top left corner of the screen, which is certainly not a deal-breaker. SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech is another awesome game from Image and Form, and one that you should play today on the Nintendo Switch!

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This SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Image and Form.

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Another gem from Image and Form, this time with an RPG twist!