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[Beyond PlayStation] Cytus α Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Cytus α Review
  • On May 2, 2019

Cytus α from Flyhigh Works, PM Studios, and Rayark is a new rhythm game on Nintendo Switch you should check out. Find out why in our Cytus α review!


Cytus α can be played either with the Nintendo Switch buttons, or by undocking the console and taking it into Portable or Tabletop mode and using the touchscreen. For this particular game you will need to focus on the notes (represented by circular icons) that will appear to the beat of the music, as you tap, drag and hold notes to boost your overall score for the song. You will know which type of note you’re dealing with by how it is presented on the screen, with a vibrant colorful presentation that will clue you in based on the icon it displays in its center.

Cytus α Review - 1

To be able to get a good score, you will need to land several Perfect as you play, and skip any Good, Bad or Miss for the notes you play. To maximize your score and your combo, you will need to pay attention to the overall beat and design of the song you’re playing. Cytus α makes this easier by having a solid line that goes up and down the screen in time with the beat, and that is your visual aid for knowing when to hit which note on what side of the screen. The gameplay is fast-paced, so you’ll probably need to play a song a couple of times before you can nail a perfect run from start to finish.


Cytus α Review - 2

Each song in the game can be played in one of two difficulty settings, which you can select either by pressing the L and R buttons for Easy and Hard, respectively, or by touching the difficulty setting on the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen. To give you an idea of what to expect for each song, the difficulty setting will showcase a number inside of a circle, and the higher the number you see, the bigger the challenge you’re going to face up against.

Cytus α Review - 3

There’s a ton to play in this rhythm game, with over 200 songs to unlock and perform! To unlock more songs, you will need to advance through the game’s story by completing each of its Chapters. On top of this, you will also unlock the memories of the Operator, learning more about the overall narrative. Aiming at getting a high score is important since this will allow you to unlock additional chapters in the game, which is why I recommend that you play the game using the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen.

Cytus α Review - 4

While using the face buttons of the Joy-Con is certainly doable, the nature of the game – and the fact that it started life as a mobile game – means that this is one best played with the touchscreen. Plus, it’s more fun to use the touchscreen as you dive into the beat, tapping, dragging and holding notes as you get into the groove and blast off into the electronic realm of the Cytus α soundtrack.


Cytus α Review - Story

Carrying on with the story mode, as you complete chapters you will unlock data entries, which you can check as you go, and you can also review them again in the Story option in the main menu. Each one offers some extra information on the overall story arc, all while showcasing some excellent art. You can play the entire game on your own in single-player mode, but if you want to there is the option of activating online matchmaking for every single song in the game as you play through the story chapters. You can also access a separate online matchmaking mode from the main menu if you’re in the mood for some online-only gaming as you try to get a nice winning streak.


Cytus α Review - Online

If you’re looking for a new and very fun rhythm game on Nintendo Switch, then you’re going to need Cytus α Review. Sure, it’s available a distinctive $49.99, but I’m here to tell you that, with over 200 songs to play, that’ some very good value for your money! I had a blast playing this one, and I’ll keep on going until the end… right before expanding the experience with some online matches in my diet.

This Cytus α review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by PM Studios.

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Excellent premium rhythm game on Nintendo Switch