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[PS4 Double Review] Trüberbrook Review

[PS4 Double Review] Trüberbrook Review

Trüberbrook is a handcrafted point and click release in which you follow a young scientist in the process of writing a thesis on quantum physics. The game was first taken to Kickstarter and funded in only 30 hours, finally managing to collect almost $200,000 by the end of the campaign. Learn more in our Trüberbrook review!


Trüberbrook Trailer

This is a double review for the PS4 versions of Trüberbrook. The game was played on PS4 by ThaRaven403 and Tracey. This review presents what they both had to say.

Trüberbrook is a point and click release containing a variety of locations to explore, many puzzles to solve, and NPCs which you should definitely talk to as they will help you solve puzzles. Upon first booting up the game, you find yourself at an empty petrol station and are desperate for gas to power up your motorbike. This prologue chapter will help get you acquainted with the mechanics, showing you the controller layout – which was too small to read -.

The story is really quite good, revolving around a scientist named Hans Tannhauser who won a trip to a cute little town called Trüberbrook. He quickly finds out that the town is not quite what it seems, and a mystery ensues once some paperwork goes missing. Hans then pairs up with Gretchen who is also a scientist studying fossils. The puzzles themselves are not overly obtuse and are for the most part very fun. In the beginning, there are only three locations to explore, but the game eventually opens up and allows you to explore more territory. You will get to explore the mountains, which are really pretty!


The locations offer a great variety in terms of visuals, and the attention to detail is incredible. The team obviously looked after their game as if it was their baby. I loved how the game had different mysteries to solve for each chapter keeping the game fresh as you progress. Most point and click games average at around 4 or so hours, but here you’re looking at the best part of 6-7 hours to finish the story, which I thought was pretty good.

Trüberbrook Review - 1

What amazed me the most, was the stunning visuals. Everything is rendered in 3D: the characters, and right down to the tiniest detail looked so realistic. The way the team made this work was by creating the sets and characters in real life, and scanning them into the game. Trüberbrook really stands out from the crowd in terms of visuals and the attention to detail.

I had a great time playing Trüberbrook and definitively hope there is a new game in the works or better still a second Kickstarter campaign – I would back it in a heartbeat. It is well worth the asking price for such stunning visuals, fun puzzles, and an interesting story!

Trüberbrook Review - 2


The story of Trüberbrook is centered around Hans Tannhauser, a young physicist actually in the process of writing his thesis on quantum physics. He enters the village of Trüberbrook after winning at a lottery he doesn’t remember participating in, and thought this would be an ideal place to finish writing his thesis… until someone steals his documents!

On his quest to find the culprit, he’ll meet Gretchen, who you briefly see in the game’s introduction, a paleoanthropologist that is looking for an ancient proto-germanic cult site that would happen to be around the city. Since both of their goals are taking them in the same direction, they decide to tag along and help each other, but their adventure will soon evolve into something much bigger than just stolen papers.h

Trüberbrook Review - 6

The game plays in a traditional point and click fashion, where you need to find points of interest in the different scenes for objects to take or interact with. The actions you can do with those hotspots are to look at, talk to (when appropriate), interact with or combine with an item from your inventory. As in most of the games in this genre, you’ll have to find certain items that will help you “unlock” others or be able to give them to someone to move further in the story.

The visuals of the game are quite interesting, as they were actually created as scale models that were then incorporated by way of a 3D scanner to then be put into the game. It makes for something that looks like claymation, but way more polished, and this gives an interesting and unique style to the game.

Trüberbrook Review - 5

I’ve found the game to be an interesting point and click adventure, but there was not one moment that truly blew me away. The story never really sets you up on a big mystery or cliffhanger, apart from one moment which I won’t spoil, but is still packed with a few fun touches here and there to make you smile as you play along. One thing to note is that there is a “kids mode” option, which removes smoking from the game and other things you might not want your kids to ask about, so this option should be considered if you intend on playing in front or with your kids.


With the possibility of highlighting all the hotspots in the game if you’re stuck, the difficulty of the game is moderate at best. There are some puzzles that will require you think a bit about what items to combine, especially since it’s not always in the same scene, but it’s never overly exaggerated so you don’t end up feeling stuck for half an hour on something – you know, like old-school point and click games used to do.

Trüberbrook Review - 4

If you plan on playing the game blindly with no guide, you can probably expect a second playthrough if you’re aiming at the platinum trophy, as the majority of the trophies are missable. There are only five trophies given for the prologue and four chapters of the game, two for the endings (so unless you back up your save, this automatically forces you into playing it twice), and that’s it. The other trophies are awarded for specific actions or objectives, so going into this one without a trophy guide is not recommended for trophy hunters.

Trüberbrook Review - 3

Final Thoughts

Trüberbrook is a fun game if you’re a point and click adventure fan, and thanks to how the game was created, it looks great in full HD. The game is available for $29.99, offering around 6-7 hours of gameplay depending on your experience with adventure games and how much you end up exploring each location you visit.

PSN Price: $29.99


This Trüberbrook Review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by HeadUp Games.

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Gorgeous, fun and mysterious point and click adventure