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[PlayStation 4] Falcon Age Review

[PlayStation 4] Falcon Age Review

Falcon Age is a new first-person adventure for the PlayStation 4 that supports the PlayStation VR headset. Read more about it in our Falcon Age review!


As you begin the game, you’ll notice that you are in your bed. After waking up, you already get your first objective, which is feeding the falcon family that lives right next to your room using the feeder. Once they are fed, you are given your second objective: going to rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation is required since it seems you did bad things in your past life, and you’ve been sent to this weird, empty planet to collect ore from the surrounding rocky formations. The robot guard there asks you some questions, and you’re free to reply as you wish, which I definitively found amusing. Each morning, you feed the falcons, and each day, you collect some extra ore. Collecting ores is a boring task, and the main character is not really enthusiastic about going there every day. Luckily this action isn’t the main focus of the game, so it can be done quickly.

Falcon Age Review

After a few “working days” (there are ellipses in the story, so only a few days are actually played), a falcon will pick up a fight against one of the drones on the planet. As she wins the fight, the drone explodes, and the falcon, unfortunately, passes away, leaving her baby falcon behind. You decide to take care of the baby bird, and he follows you outside.

This is when you’ll get exposed to the new mechanics using the bird: you can target an element that is otherwise beyond your reach, but the falcon can. You can then whistle so the bird can come back at you. You can also target small critters, and the falcon will fly towards it and kills it, netting you some raw meat for your trouble. One of the things I liked is that there are a few actions that can be done with the falcon by using the Square button: you can first bump, pet him, and more!

Falcon Age Review

After a little while playing, and as you wander the land after escaping the “rehabilitation” prison you were in at the beginning of the game, you’ll have a stronger bond with the falcon, which will have also grown bigger and stronger. As you discover new places, you’ll be able to help to liberate each region from the oppression of the machines. You’ll eventually get to be out on your own, and this is where you get to explore the barren world of this planet. It feels desertic and is mostly empty apart from a few critters that can be eaten.

As for the game’s presentation, I was impressed by the game engine in general, and I felt that having the falcon on our arm was special as he is very close to the camera. This game has been built from the ground up thinking of how it would play out as a PlayStation VR experience on the side, but the team has also made it possible to play the game on your PlayStation 4 with using a PS VR headset. The point of view is in the first-person perspective, as is expected of a VR game, and since I’m not used to playing first-person games on my big screen, I needed a few moments to adapt to the motion sickness this game can generate while moving the camera around.

Falcon Age Review

This game includes a varied trophy including feeding your falcon some crafted food, some story-related ones or others for completing specific feats in the campaign. If you’re aiming for the Platinum trophy, you’ll be busy with the different side-quests this game has to offers.

Falcon Age Review

Final Thoughts
Falcon Age is a fun game to experience and is different from what we’re used to play on PlayStation 4. The optional PlayStation VR is a nice thing to have for those who own Sony’s virtual reality headset, and not having this be a mandatory PS VR release means that more people can get a chance to enjoy it. This game will take you a few hours to complete, so it is definitively not a short experience, but it’s one that is worth checking out.

This Falcon Age review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Outerloop Games.

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Great experience with optional PS VR support