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[Beyond PlayStation] Doughlings: Arcade Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Doughlings: Arcade Review
  • On May 20, 2019

Doughlings: Arcade Hero Concept is an arcade-style release that pays homage to old-school brick breaker games. Learn more in our Doughlings: Arcade review!


The Doughlings were a very cheerful and happy group that lived in a dimension far, far away. It was all fun and games until one day a meteor fell from the sky, releasing a poisonous gas that started to affect the Doughlings one by one. The Doughlings that became intoxicated went wild and ended up turning into stone. With time running out, Doctor Morpheus managed to find a cure to save his fellow Doughlings. He placed it inside of a special ball and set out to cure them before it was too late.

Doughlings: Arcade Review - 1

Because of this, you will need to use the ball to hit the Doughlings to heal them, earning points in the process. And if you land some combo hits (hitting more than one Doughlings after hitting the ball), you will get extra points. As you heal the Doughlings you will get to collect the falling stars that are attached to them, and the more stars you collect in each stage, the better rewards you will get. There are also big red hearts with a blue heartbeat line going through it, and you should definitely collect those since each one will reward you with an extra live. You should also avoid falling Doughlings since if they land on you, then you will lose points and be slowed down for a bit.

Doughlings: Arcade Review - Stages

As you complete stages and collect stars, you will be rewarded with potions that will allow you to boost the abilities of each of the personas you can play as in the game. You start with Morpheus and will unlock other personas as you play the game. You could, for example, increase the duration of Morpheus’ colorball skill, or lower the requirement for activating the colorball skill from nine spotlights instead of ten – spotlights are lit up by collecting the thumbs up dropped by the Doughlings you rescue. As you progress in the game, you will unlock new personas, and you can test them out on the stage in which you unlock them by collecting a DNA sample on that level. Once you complete the level, you can go back to the upgrades menu to see which abilities you can boost by spending potions.

Doughlings: Arcade Review - Upgrades

You can also check out the game’s online leaderboard to see how your skills stack up against players from around the world. The more stages you complete, the more combo hits you land, and the more stars you collect, the bigger your overall score will be, and you’ll start to climb up the charts as you aim at hitting the #1 slot. You can go back and replay stages you’ve already beaten to try and boost your score, so be sure to do that later on in the game once you’ve gained enough extra experience!

Doughlings: Arcade Review - Editor

With seven personas to play as, 90 stages to complete, 270 stars to collect, and 35 skills to upgrade, Doughlings: Arcade provides a solid dose of arcade-style fun. And once you’re done with the game’s stages, you can go into the editor and create some of your own! If you’re a fan of the brick breaker type of games, then you’re going to dig this budget $6.99 release. Can you save the Doughlings?

Doughlings: Arcade Review – 4

This Doughlings: Arcade review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Hero Concept.

Review Overview

Fun arcade-style brick-breaker homage