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[Beyond PlayStation] Apocalipsis Wormwood Edition Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Apocalipsis Wormwood Edition Review
  • On May 22, 2019

Looking for a point and click adventure with an interesting story and a great and unique art style? Check our Apocalipsis Wormwood Edition review!


Apocalipsis Wormwood Edition Review - 1

In this 2D point and click adventure game from Punch Punk Games and Klabater, you will take control of Harry, who is the protagonist of this dark adventure with a very unique look, feel, and overall atmosphere. As you can see from the screens in this review, the game looks as if wood carvings and obscure paintings from the medieval era have come together to give life to a bizarre world in which things are not what they seem. You will learn about Harry and Zula, and what has happened to them along the way.

Apocalipsis Wormwood Edition Review - 2

This being a point and click adventure, you can activate a cursor with the ZR button and move that around with the left analog stick to point and click at things to interact with them, collecting the items you will need to solve each of the many puzzles you will find as you explore each area. Pressing the Y or X buttons will cycle through the items you’ve collected, and you can try to use them by pointing at something else and pressing the A button. This Nintendo Switch version also offers you the option of using the console’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop mode, so that you can play this just the way you want to.


Apocalipsis Wormwood Edition Review - Puzzle

Puzzles are varied and will require you to do different things depending on the situation. As to not spoil things for you, let me talk about two of the puzzles you will find early in the game. One requires you to collect candles to be placed around a drawing on the floor, but on top of this, you will also need to procure some extra items that will go inside of said drawing. All items will be found in the same room so you won’t be doing any backtracking. The other puzzle asks that you collect some cogs and place them at the right spots to make a contraption work and, again, all the cogs you need are in that room so, as you can see by now, you won’t feel overwhelmed with what the game throws at you.

Apocalipsis Wormwood Edition Review - 3

As you complete each section, you will get to experience some short cutscenes that will give you some additional insight into what might be going on. It’s hard to talk about the story of a point and click adventure game because mentioning too much could end up spoiling other player’s experience when they dive into the game on their own. What I will say is that it’s certainly a very dark story that perfectly matches what the art style and the art itself you will witness in the hand-drawn locations will make you think.


Along with the main game (Apocalipsis: Harry at the End of the World), this Nintendo Switch version called the Apocalipsis Wormwood Edition), also includes the One Night in the Woods DLC along with your purchase. This story is actually a prequel to the main campaign, and it gives players a chance to play as Zula as they learn new secrets about the game, the relationship between Harry and Zula, and the darkness that surrounds the dark forest in which things that go bump in the night are out and about.

Apocalipsis Wormwood Edition Review - 5

Apocalipsis Wormwood Edition is a solid point and click adventure on Nintendo Switch with a very unique look and a dark tale to tell, wrapped into an experience that is easy to recommend. The game is available for a budget $9.99, and depending on your experience with point and click adventure games, you will end up playing this one for a handful of hours at most.

This Apocalipsis Wormwood Edition review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Klabater.

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Point and click adventure with an interesting story and a great and unique art style