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[Beyond PlayStation] Koloro Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Koloro Review
  • On June 21, 2019

Koloro is a one-button 2D puzzle-platformer from QubicGames that is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Koloro review!


As you take on the over 300 single-screens stages of Koloro, you will find a game with a minimalist but solid art style that has a lot of fun content to offer at a budget $9.99 price. Playing through each chapter, you will get a bit of story before each set of levels to complete in this dream-like setting. The game can either be enjoyed as a single-player experience (by selecting Kora’s adventure), or you can go at it as a two-player experience (Kora & Lora’s adventure).

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If you play on your own, you will see how Kora ends up falling down a hole in the ground that appears out of nowhere. Once she ends up landing, she will be wakened by Boo, her glowing imaginary friend. Her imagination is strong, and it is that and her will to find her sister that will carry her on in this 2D puzzle-platforming adventure. Boo will end up changing Kora’s for, turning her into a square.

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Controls, as mentioned before, are reduced to a single button. Press the A button to jump with the A button, and your direction will change once you get to a wall and do a wall jump from it. If you play the game on the Nintendo Switch while in Portable or Tabletop mode, you will also be able to make your character jump by touching on the console’s screen. As you go, you will need to avoid deadly hazards such as spikes that can kill you in a single hit, or enemies that crawl around the floor and ceiling, all while trying to collect the crystals in each area to open the portal that will teleport you to the next stage. To do this, you will sometimes need to, for example, press on switches that will change the stage’s layout.

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Levels don’t take that long to complete so you can end up playing for hours to complete all 300+ levels since there are different ones depending on if you’re playing on your own or in local co-op. But if you want to 100% the game, you will need to take into consideration that each stage has a target time for you to aim for when you try to complete a level. For example, the first set of stages in chapter one require you to finish them in 2, 3, 5, 10, 14, and 6 seconds. On top of this, some stages will also have an extra collectible to find in the way of glowing blue stars – you can tell how many stars are in a chapter by checking out the upper right screen of the level select screen.

Koloro Review - Two Player

This Koloro review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by QubicGames.

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Fun single-button 2D puzzle-platformer