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[Beyond PlayStation] Time Carnage Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Time Carnage Review
  • On June 28, 2019

Time Carnage from Wales Interactive is a fast-paced shooter in which you take on wave after wave of enemies. Learn more about it in our Time Carnage review!


Time Carnage on the Nintendo Switch has you traveling through time as you battle everything from ancient and deadly dinosaurs to monster, zombies, robots, and more! The gameplay has your character stationary in the middle of the screen as you turn around to aim at and defeat the enemies that come at you. You will need to select the weapons that best suit the situation at hand since, in order to reload them, you will need to holster them in front of you so that they can quickly reload back to full capacity.

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Because of this, you will need to press the grab buttons (set to the L and R buttons) to collect a weapon from the available weapons on each side of your character, and you can then use the ZL and ZR buttons to shoot the weapons on your left and right hand, respectively. If you need to steady your aim, you can press down on the right analog stick in order to focus. Once you need to drop a weapon into its station so that it can charge up and reload, you can do so by holding down the corresponding grab button.


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You can select between standard aiming controls by playing this one as a straight-up first-person shooter, or use split Joy-Con for motion controls for aiming and using the analog sticks to look around. If you’re playing in Portable mode, you can also mix it up by using the analog sticks to aim while you move the entire console to move the camera around. Since the action is frantic and fast-paced, you will need to make good use of the slow-motion mode so that you can activate it at the right time to make the most of its ability to slow down time so that you can catch your breath and make the bullets rain over your enemies.

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Time Carnage expects you to be fast, so it will send a handful of enemies to attack you at all times for each of the waves you need to complete. As enemies get closer and start attacking you, you will realize there is a protective energy field around you. How much of this shield is left will be indicated by the white line in the bottom center of the screen, right above your health bar. Once the shield is gone, every hit will deal damage to you, and when your health bar is depleted, it is game over.


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As you take on the Campaign Mode, you will only have access to a handgun, and a submachine gun, each with different damage, rate of fire, stability and range stats, as well as a specific ammo magazine, as well as a reload rate. There are twenty-five dual wielding weapons in total to unlock, along with eighteen perks to spice things up. There is also an Arcade mode in which you can customize your experience and select the level you will play and the enemies you will fight, and it is here that you can use the perks you’ve unlocked.


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Time Carnage is more of a fast-paced arcade-style experience, and not a first-person shooter in which you would move around to explore each location. Being stationary in the middle of the screen does have its benefits since you can focus on the action without worrying about being surprised by an enemy waiting right around the corner, but it does limit what the game can do. Since this one started life as a PlayStation VR game, being stationary makes sense since moving around too much would make you sick while playing in virtual reality. But as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into, this is a fun arcade-style experience available for a budget $12.99.

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This Time Carnage review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Wales Interactive.

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First-person arcade-style wave survival shooter that could use some extra work