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[PlayStation 4] Massira Review

[PlayStation 4] Massira Review
  • On July 2, 2019

Massira is a puzzle adventure on PlayStation 4 that deals with a very serious topic in a colorful minimalist setting. Learn more in our Massira review!


Massira presents to us a stylized low-poly universe in which we will get to step into the shoes of Numi and Yara, a young girl and her grandmother as they experience their journey from war-torn Syria to Europe, and what happens along the way. The game, as the team mentioned in our interview with them at our sister site, is based on real-life experiences and facts, presented from the fantasy perspective of Numi. It’s certainly a very unique experience that stands out on Sony’s PlayStation 4.


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The game offers some puzzles to solve here and there, along with some light exploration. The puzzles, without spoiling too much, will ask that you, for example, move some things around so that you can gain access to another spot or find a way to progress in the area. I’ll talk briefly about the first puzzle to solve after running into your grandmother and having her follow you. There is a gate that keeps you from going to the next area, so you’ll need to move around a pair of structures on the left side of the location so that you can jump into a partially destroyed building to then push a mattress down to the ground level. After this, you’ll drag the mattress near the fence connected to the door, and have Numi jump on that to gain enough altitude to go over the fence. Problem solved!


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You’ll be directly controlling Numi with the left analog stick to move her around the 3D world, and the right analog stick to swing the camera around. The Circle button will be for interacting with things, and you can use the L2 button to select the target you’ll interact with. She can also jump with the X button as needed. If you find a newspaper, you can use the touchpad on the DualShock 4 to dust it off and see what it contains. If you have to control Yara, Numi’s grandmother, then you’ll need to when prompted, press and hold the L1 button to then use the face buttons to issue commands to her – you will put this into use right away in the first section of the game.


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There are different items for you to find as you explore each location in Massira. There are collectibles split over two menus – things such as a vase, a pair of sandals, a musical instrument, and more -, newspapers, letters, as well as three cinematics. Each area will have a set number of each item type for you to find, so as soon as you start in a new section, you should press the Options button to pause the action and see how many collectibles, newspapers, and letters are waiting for you. You do have to know that some collectibles are out in the open waiting for you, while others are obtained after performing a specific action in a stage.

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As for the game’s trophies, you’ll get a Platinum trophy at the end of your journey. There are several trophies tied to progressing through the game and completing the challenges it presents. Other trophies are tied to finding all the collectibles, reading all the newspapers, reading all the letters, and a final one for when you collect everything there is to collect in the game.

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Massira is a short low-poly puzzle adventure dealing with the journey of a kid and her grandmother from war-torn Syria to Europe, as they try to escape from their harsh reality in search of a better life. Its puzzles will be easy to understand, and the stealth sections you’ll need to complete will not overwhelm you. Other than having to get used to the floaty jumping of Numi during some of the platforming sections, there is not much to complain about in Massira.

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This Massira review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Frost Monkey.

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Low-poly minimalist release that deals with a very serious topic