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[Beyond PlayStation] Deponia Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Deponia Review
  • On July 4, 2019

Deponia from Daedalic Entertainment is a classic point and click adventure that has now found its way to the Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this modern classic in our Deponia review!


In the world of Deponia, Rufus is part of the low class, living among trash -figuratively and literally -, which is why he is working a plan that can allow him to escape his current reality. While the low class lives all the way down in the dump, the rich folk live high in Elysium, a floating city past the clouds – how posh of them! Rufus’ luck is about to change since he will run into Goal, a woman from the upper sector who falls into a pile of trash. Rufus, being the good samaritan that he is, sets out to bring Goal back to her home where her husband awaits, with a promised handsome reward for his troubles. You know, for being such a great guy.

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Deponia will get you started with a short tutorial. You’ll move Rufus around with the left analog stick, and the character or object that is closest to him will be selected. You can also use the L and R buttons to cycle between all the things you can interact with, or select them directly with the right analog stick. Pressing down on the right analog stick will allow you to see all the objects Rufus can interact with.

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When an object is highlighted, you’ll be able to select between the available actions. You can look at something or someone by selecting the eye icon, which you can do by pressing the Y button. If there is a hand icon available, then that means you can pick up said object by pressing the A button. All items you collect end up in your inventory, which you can open by pressing down on the D-Pad. While there, you can select an item, inspect an item, or combine it with another object.


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Deponia leans on the funny, between the interactions and conversations between characters and the ridiculousness of some of the puzzles you have to solve. Without spoiling things much, you can see this in the first puzzle you get once you gain control of Rufus in the game proper. He is ready to make his way to Elysium to lead a new life, so he figures he has to pack a suitcase to arrive in style. One of the items he needs to collect is his toothbrush – you know, so that he can keep his mouth clean and in pristine condition. The issue, it turns out, is that, for some reason, the toothbrush becomes sentient and decides to run away from him! You must, therefore, find the right combination of items to be able to catch that toothbrush so that you can finish packing.

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Deponia is a fun point and click adventure on Nintendo Switch with a great art style, funny dialogue, interesting puzzles to solve, and a nice couple of plot twists here and there to keep you entertained for around 8-10 hours or so based on your experience with the genre. The game is available on Switch for you to play at home or on the go for $39.99, which might rub some people the wrong way, but it’s a fun adventure from start to finish that you have to experience.

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This Deponia review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Daedalic Entertainment.

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Fun and funny point and click adventure