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[Beyond PlayStation] Monster Puzzle Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Monster Puzzle Review
  • On July 5, 2019

Monster Puzzle from Forsaken Games is, as the name suggests, a game in which you take on puzzles with a monster. Learn more in our Monster Puzzle review!


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In Monster Puzzle, your goal is to collect all the dreams on the stage, represented by the glowing and sparkling rocks, before boarding your rocket ship to take off onwards to the next level. To do this, you’ll move your character around the playing field with the left analog stick, one block at a time. You can zoom in and zoom out into a level with the ZL and ZR buttons, respectively, and the L and R buttons will be used to rotate the camera around. That’s all you need to worry about!

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The first handful of stages will feel like an extended tutorial for the game as you will get to learn about how if you push the analog stick or press the D-Pad in a direction that leads you to a spot without a platform, you will fall into the bottomless pit below you, having to start over. You will also learn about how some platforms will crumble after you step on them one (or two times, depending on the platform’s color), so you’ll need to plan accordingly to trace out the route you’ll take to collect all dreams and escape in one piece.

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You will also start to run into enemies on a stage, and in order to be able to collect all the dreams and make it to the spaceship in one piece, you’ll need to pay attention to their movement pattern so that you don’t end up getting in their way. One hit is all it will take to beat you, so be sure to find the solution that keeps you safe! You will also run into hazards that will try to hinder your progress – things such as, for example, a banana peel square that will make you slide forward by one square.

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Monster Puzzle is a fun minimalist puzzle game that can be played by gamers of all ages. Its slow-paced gameplay makes it easy for even those who haven’t dived into the puzzle genre to enjoy their time with Monster Puzzle and its dozens of puzzles to solve. The game is out on Nintendo Switch at a budget $4.99, making it a great option for the younger gamers in your family.

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This Monster Puzzle review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Forsaken Games.

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Fun puzzler set in dreamland