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[PlayStation 4] Death end re;Quest Review

[PlayStation 4] Death end re;Quest Review
  • On July 29, 2019

Death end re;Quest is a new RPG from Compile Heart and Idea Factory International set in a virtual world full of adventure. Learn more in our Death end re;Quest review!


In Death end re;Quest, 27-year-old video game programmer Arata Mizunashi receives a rather peculiar email: it’s from Shina Ninomiya, a colleague that went missing a year ago! Thanks to this email, he comes to realize that Shina has been trapped inside of World’s Odyssey (W.O.D.), a virtual world they had created. She’s stuck in there as the only player adventurer, and while Arata wants to help her, the only way she can escape from her prison is to complete the game with the true ending, something that is definitely not going to take only a couple of hours! Your time with this one will be split between the “game world” and the “real world” where you’ll see how Arata interacts with others – at his job at Enigma Games, at home, etc. – making this an RPG AND a visual novel rolled into one!

The game offers three difficulty settings for you to select once you decide to start your adventure – Easy, Normal, and Hard. The higher the difficulty setting, the less experience points and funds you will gain when you’re victorious in battle, so do keep this in mind when selecting the difficulty for the game! The good news for trophy hunters is that there are no trophies tied to playing or completing the game at any specific difficulty setting, which means that those that want to have an easier time with the game can certainly play on Easy – more on the trophies for Death end re;Quest in a bit.

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When in battle, you can select up to three actions for each of your characters depending on their available attacks and skills. If you perform three consecutive attacks during your turn, you will get a knockback bonus applied to your efforts. This will send the enemy flying backwards, thus allowing you to put some distance between your opponent and your character, which will lower the odds of them being able to counterattack after you’re done with your efforts. Positioning is key since you’ll be able to use your character’s attack range to deal damage to more than one opponent per attack, as long as they’re within the range of your abilities. Depending on the order in which you select abilities, you will sometimes execute a special skill called a flash drive that will reward you with new abilities to add to your arsenal, so be sure to mix it up a bit in battle!

As you move around each battlefield, you will notice glowing things on the floor. These are field bugs, and if you step on one, your character will become corrupt – each party member gains corruption at different rates. If it reaches 100%, then that character will be incapacitated and won’t be able to fight. Being attacked and damaged also boosts corruption, so be careful! On the other hand, when you do go up to 80% corruption, your character will transform into Glitch Mode, gaining a boost to its stats, which can help to turn the tide of battle.

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There are a ton of endings to get in this game considering you can get some bad endings as you interact with other characters based on the dialogue option you select in specific situations, as well as for losing in boss battles. Getting a bad ending is actually not that bad at all – as long as you save before boss battles and during interactions so that you can reload your save after getting a bad ending – since they will reward you with bonus items for your characters to boost their stats, as well as adding to the overall tally for trophy purposes.

On top of this, there is a normal ending, a true ending, and individual endings for each of your characters! The ending for a character you get when completing the game will be random… as long as you get the normal ending. If you get the True Ending, you can select which character’s ending you want to see, so if you do some smart game save management, you can cut down your overall time to get all endings. You will need to complete the whole game from start to finish at least twice – once to get the normal ending and once to get the true ending and use your save to get the other endings by defeating the final true boss seven times, but that’s definitely better than having to complete the game over and over for each character’s ending.

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And now, let’s talk about the trophies! Going from the type of game that Death end re;Quest is, you’ve probably guessed by now that this one includes a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy. There are some unmissable trophies for completing each of the game’s chapters, trophies for entering glitch mode once as well as for doing it many times, others for learning skills by way of the flash drive ability, and then there are many trophies awarded for getting each of the characters’ endings.

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Death end re;Quest is a fun RPG mixed with a visual novel that takes things into a darker direction when compared to other games from Compile Heart and Idea Factory International. It has an interesting premise, and changing between the in-game world and the real world offers two perspectives for the story that will keep you busy during the dozens of hours of content it has to offer.

This Death end re;Quest review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Idea Factory International.

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Fun RPG/visual novel with an interesting premise