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[Beyond PlayStation] Laser Kitty Pow Pow Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Laser Kitty Pow Pow Review

Laser Kitty Pow Pow is an arcade-style game in which you use your powers to defeat everything that moves. Learn more in our Laser Kitty Pow Pow review!



In this 2D arcade-style shooter, you will use a huge flying cat to shoot left and right in different levels by using the shoulder buttons for shooting all of the lasers. The giant cat will shoot mighty and deadly lasers from its eyes, and you’ll get to collect gems and coins as you go. To progress to the next level, you need to complete a set percentage of a level to carry on. So if a message pops saying you need to collect 50% of the coins in the level, then you must aim for that percentage, otherwise, it’s an automatic fail and you will be booted back to the previous screen. You also need to have a set number of gems to be able to pass, so be sure to collect those! You can also enjoy the game in co-op with a friend, a mode that is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

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You will be able to have stronger and more powerful cats to be able to keep up with the game’s increase in difficulty. The better and stronger the cats, the better your odds of surviving the onslaught since things do tend to get crazier and crazier as you go on. You can also unlock more powerful lasers, and upgrade them as well, which is part of the grindy gameplay cycle since it takes a while to fill up your level meter – it’s going to take you more than a couple of hours to unlock everything.


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Laser Kitty Pow Pow is set up in a way that, in my opinion, makes this one best suited for shorter bursts of gameplay instead of long marathons. Your fingers will certainly let you know this is the way to go, as they will end up hurting from all the back and forth laser shooting in both directions! Shooting so many lasers in so little time is not going to be for everyone, but if you give this arcade-style game a chance, I’m sure you will be having a fun time.

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As enemies are defeated, they will drop coins and gems, and you must collect everything for the best possible results. If you fail to achieve the percentage requirements, then you will have to start the level and try again, which is not as bad as it sounds! You will die a lot in the game since there will be points during which you’ll be overwhelmed by a large number of foes attacking you at one, which is why having new and better cats is going to be a must. You will, therefore, need to put your coins and gems to good use so that you can stay on top of things.

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Laser Kitty Pow Pow is a fun arcade-style game that will be more entertaining when played in short burst here and there as you take on bigger games, as a nice an entertaining palate cleanser of sorts. It’s a game that has its charm, but that is not going to be for everyone. Younger gamers will probably get some extra mileage from this one.

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This Laser Kitty Pow Pow review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by QubicGames.

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Fun arcade-style feline-heavy game