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[Beyond PlayStation] Mech Rage Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Mech Rage Review
  • On August 6, 2019

Mech Rage from Drageus games is a fast-paced mech twin-stick shooter on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Mech Rage review!


In Mech Rage, you take control of Captain John who is set in a mech in a top-down twin-stick shooter as you try to stop an alien attack that is taking place on your spaceship, Excalibur. The lives of your crew members are at stake, so the first step after getting inside of the mech will be to take a quick refresher course on what the mech can do – in a room that has conveniently not been breached by the hostile alien -, so that you can learn the basic controls and gameplay mechanics you’ll be putting to good use.

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With this being a twin-stick shooter, the controls will center on the left analog stick for moving around your mech, and the right analog stick for aiming. Your primary weapon will be used with the ZR button, and your secondary weapon will be set to the ZL button. If you need to quickly dash out of harm’s way, you can do so by pressing the L button (once you unlock it at the start of the second stage). The game will offer three difficulty settings to choose from, with Easy being the one for those without not as much experience with twin-stick shooters as they should, Normal being the regular experience, and Hard being for those who feel like they’re experts in the genre.


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Your primary weapon has unlimited ammo, but your secondary weapon will have a limited set of ammo for you to use, represented by the yellow bars in the upper right corner of the screen. If you want to refill your secondary weapon’s ammo supply, you should grab the yellow cubes you get from destroying things and from defeating alien enemies. There are also green cubes which can be used to repair your mech. As you defeat enemies and destroy items, you will get energy packs (which are small blue cubes) that can be used to purchase more powerful weapons.

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Once you complete a stage, you will be told how much time it took you to finish it, how many enemies you’ve destroyed for the stage and in total, how many times you died in that stage and in total, as well as how much energy you managed to find for the level. After a stage is over you will be able to visit the workshop by pressing the Y button while in the hub, and it is here that you will find the different upgrades you can purchase with your hard-earned energy packs.


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The upgrades include boosts to your main weapon which raise the overall damage and fire rate of your primary weapon, unlocking new secondary weapons for your mech that include variations on the shotgun you start with, as well as interesting weapons such as a gun that shoots waves of energy, a grenade launcher, a rocket launcher, or a very expensive but deadly ion blaster. If you want to buy all weapons, then you better pick up every single energy pack you run into since the last sets of weapons are rather expensive.


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You should make sure to explore all rooms in an area, especially if you’ve interacted with a console that opens a special door that will lead you to the exit, as odds are there is another door that has also opened up, and that could lead you into rooms with a lot of boxes to destroy – giving you ammo and health pickups as well as some extra energy packs. There might also be an upgrade for your mech in the room, such as an ammo upgrade module to boost the ammo capacity of your secondary weapon, which will certainly come in handy!

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Mech Rage is a fun and to the point twin-stick shooter with room after room of aliens of different shapes and sizes to defeat, with a boss here and there thrown in for good measure. You’re going to die a lot in this one, and when you do you can either restart the room you died in – with the same health and secondary weapon ammo you had when you entered, or go back to the start of the level and apply what you’ve learned about the stage. The game is available for $9.99 on Nintendo Switch, and you’ll get a game that is going to take you a few hours to complete at most, but that will provide a good challenge for your skills.

This Mech Rage review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Drageus Games.

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